Bianca Yin

April 24, 2003

~*Sunshine and Flowers*~

Flying across the sky, spinning and dancing, stretching my fascinating wings a bit, I am feeling so free! Close your eyes and smell! It is the smell of spring¡­ I continue dancing among the sea of flowers to express my happiness, and then I land onto a sunflower. I love spring, because this is the season when everyone is fascinated of the beauty of my wings. There are straps of yellow and purple on my wings, it is mostly light blue, but the thing I am most proud of is, my wings have two big pink dots right at the top. So people call me Pinky-Dot. Then I will dance and twirl around to tell everyone, I am proud to be a pretty remarkable butterfly.

I was born in this land called Evergreen. I have been here ever since my birth. I love this place, because here are the people I love and the people who love me. Here, the spring, I believe is the most beautiful spring in the world. The spring in Evergreen has the smell of honey, the look of paradise, the color of rainbow and dream. Evergreen is the land of sunshine and flowers. Here are thousands of flowers: fringed iris, tulips, lilacs, stock violets, phalaenopsis and jasmines. In this paradise, the flowers fragrance is so strong and filled in the air that you feel like you are living in a dream.

In this paradise I lived happily, I danced, played and listened to the flowers whispering. I had neither sorrow nor pain, and had never anything happening that changed the way of my happy life, until one day I met a pretty kind-hearted girl.

I met this girl in one of those wonderful spring mornings. I was flying above the jasmine flowers and enjoying the enchanting sight with sunshine and flowers. Suddenly, while I was tired resting on the flowers, I felt that something flew over me, and then the next thing I knew- Swoosh! - I was caught in a net.

I was trying to get out of the net, because I knew I would die if I stay in it. But it was hopeless for me. I tried and tried again, until I was terribly wounded. At last, I was so tired that I closed my eyes.

¡°Are you OK? Let me help you before the mean boy comes back, otherwise you will die,¡± I heard a sweet girl-voice asking me in my dream. Then I fell asleep¡­

I opened my eyes, and found myself in an unfamiliar place, I moved myself a bit, but it hurt so much that I nearly fainted again. Then I saw a smiling pair of eyes looking down into mine, it was the girl who saved me, because I recognized it by the same sweet and high-voice.

¡°Don¡¯t move, little butterfly,¡± she said, ¡° I¡¯ll put some medicine and then a bandage on your wounds.¡±And so she did. After that I felt much better. Then, she put me into her hands, when she did that I somehow felt the warmth of sunshine flowing into my heart. So I looked into her eyes, she was very pretty. She told me her name is Susan,. She had a pair of warm blue eyes, a small pointy nose, long blond hair, and a small mouth. She was wearing a snow-white satin coat. All this gave her a graceful look as if she was a swan princess. I mumbled a ¡°thank you¡± to her. So beginning from that day on, Susan put medicine on for me, and changed new bandages for me everyday, one could see that I was getting healthier and healthier from each day to the next. She did all this for me two weeks long, until I had my healthy pretty wings, the ones I could be proud of again. I was so happy that I flied out of the window and played with Susan the whole day. We grew into very good friends, she told me that she was very sick and the doctor said he was not sure for how long Susan could still live. When I heard that, I was so sad, that I decided to thank her back with giving her sunshine and flowers for the rest of her life.

From that day on, you could see us playing together under the sunshine, you could hear her laughter and see my dancing, you could see us playing hide-and-seek, dancing and singing together. Days passed like that, full of sunshine and flowers, for week and weeks, for month and months, for year and years¡­ We had a really happy time together, but we were both very anxious about her health, because the day, the doctor said Susan is probably going to die was coming nearer¡­

The doctor came to make a last examination for Susan, I was sitting on the window bench and listening to him, I was so afraid to listen to what he was going to say, so I hold my breath. I could hear Susan and my heart beating in the same rhythm anxiously.

¡°I am speechless, completely surprised, ¡± the doctor said amazedly, ¡°Susan, tell you what? You somehow won in the fighting with your illness... What I meant was, Susan you are magically healthy like any other child on the world now! ¡± When I heard that, I did not know what to do, I just flied straight into the air and made a looping.

¡°Did you hear? Pinky-dot? I am healthy! I can stay with you forever now! ¡± yelled Susan jumping up cheerfully with tears. Susan and me, we, burst out of the door. We ran into the sea of flowers, where it was full of sunshine and flowers¡­ And we yelled, danced and were so joyful. I flew into the flowers far ahead her, and she ran after me with laughter and tears.

That time I understood if you give someone sunshine and flowers to their heart and from your true-heart. It will make wonders happen in life. It was the love in the world that caused the wonder for Susan and me. I landed tiredly into Susan¡¯s warm hands, and slowly fell asleep in them¡­

¡°Love can cause wonders.¡±

---Author¡¯s NOTE---: dunno if u like it or not, it¡¯s the essay i had to write in Language Arts class, and then I was awarded for this, yea even I know, after half a year and reading this again, I do see how poor my English was at that time, (and even now)but I intend to leave it this way, more original. I was told to read this fic on the Graduation party of Qingdao International School. WOW! Huh? But I think it does deserve this, I poured all my emotions and my imagination into this short fairytale like fic. And yea I know Susan sounds exactly like a Mary-sue and all that. BUT hey! It¡¯s an essay after all, focusing on all the five sense, and metamorphosis plus personification :D im proud of wut I have achieved in the past, (keep in mind English¡¯s my 3rd language)and I hope I can hear from u guys wut u think of it!? Plz? Leave a review and it takes u at most 5 minutes but it will stay in my heart forever, a fair deal, eh?

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