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Now for Chapter 14:

Gavrael stepped inside his mother's huge house, ignoring the glares from various servants who had undoubtedly just recently finished washing the entry floor. It had been eight long days ever since the little run in that he had with the Scot. As he made to storm up the long staircase, his mother halted him with a hand upon his arm. Looking into her soft eyes, Gavrael was unable to show anger in front of her, and it seemed she understood.

"What am I to do?" Gavrael whispered quietly. He was not sure what he would do now. It was all too obvious the Scotsman intended to collect his, Gavrael's, betrothed. His mother looked upon him sympathetically, and told him news that she knew would lift his spirits.

"I am not sure if you knew this about Lord Roland, but he actually has had this secret daughter all these years. I would if you court her instead of Anne. Cailean is able to make Anne a handsome husband, not that you would not, Gavrael, mind you. It is just that I think they would go so well together..."

Gavrael turned an astonished gaze upon his mother, then regarded her carefully. "Close to a week ago you invited Mr. Cailean over?" At her naive nod, he continued. "What exactly were you two discussing when Anne and I interrupted?

The old woman seemed to give this question some thought, but in the end looked back up at her son and replied evasively, "The reason why he came to our small town."

Gavrael rolled his eyes up to the ceiling, trying to calm his temper at how his mother handled situations like this one. He knew that he would stumble on lies upon lies when she believed herself to be in trouble. "Mother, please. How about you put a bit more details into what your conversation was like. More specifically, what did you talk about in your conversation with him?"

"Oh, I would say it was more like conversations actually, my dear boy. He had been visiting us for quite some time. You always to seem to be a bit more than busy, though, whenever we have any guests at all. That is why I would suggest that you marry Roland's other daughter, rather than caring Anne. Anne would need more time and dedication than what you are willing to give. And understand I look upon Cailean as a son, now. He needs Anne. All you need, Gavrael, is your workspace."

Gavrael stopped studying his hands at that precise moment.

"Mother... How could you think such a thing? And you know Anne and I have been betrothed for well over five years now! Moreover, how could you just 'give' Anne over to that Scot! Did you even think at all?"

Mrs. Garrett looked over her son, knowing that it would have had to come to this at some point, and best sooner than later.

"If you would have seen, Gavrael, if only you could have seen the love in dear Cailean's eyes. Your heart most surely would have broken in two like mine did. At fist I only had thought that he was just randomly curious about Anne when Henry came along, but then, face to face, you could tell, Gavrael, that Cailean only had eyes for Anne. It seemed an obsession at first, since he was trying so hard to figure out who she was, and how he could visit with her. But still, it was more than you ever showed for Anne. I chose who I thought was best for her, since her father will accept anyone. You just need a meek wife in the background, while Cailean needs a spirited, pretty wife by his side."

As his mother completed perhaps one of her longest speeches in her older life, Gavrael draped his arm across the railing and looked at the frosty-haired woman who had raised him all his life. "Since when do you know what I need and don't need? I thought you said I was always gone in the first place. Maybe I was bride-searching?"

"Nonsense," his mother snapped back at him. "You thought you were engaged to Anne the entire time. You would not have gone off in search of a wife when you thought you were already going to have one soon. Being old does not mean that I lost my mind!"

Gavrael shook his head and walked up the stairs to get some sleep and see if tomorrow would be a bit more promising. He knew now that he would actually need a wife soon. Even if it could not be Anne.

an//Because of some confusion, lemme explain. In the beginning, Anne's father did tell Cailean that his daughter was bethrothed. Cailean thought that he was lying, but really, well, he was telling the truth. Anne was totally naive about everything her father had done concerning her. I know its confusing, but you will see it unfold...

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