Serenity's Era

THE SUMMARY!! Yeah! This is the long summary since I suck at short summaries. ^_^ This story is sort of like Fushigi Yuugi: Mysterious Play. Kinda, but not really. Just the part where they get sucked into the diary.

Here it is You manga lovin freaks!

Okay, It's about a boy who finds a large book that looks as though it were born before his time. It reads 'Serenity's Era' on the side. He opens it to find every single page blank. He figures it must me a diary.

So he begins to write inside. Every time he writes, the ink absorbs in the pages and new writing appears showing bits of pictures too. Of course he gets freaked out and tries to throw the freaky book out.

It then passes to five other people who he knows nothing about. He's just happy that it isn't near him. So anywho, they all write in it to find the same thing happening. The names that appear inside the book are all the people who wrote in it that week. It shows addresses and where to contact them.

So the five people all meet at the first boy's house. The kids is totally surprised and totally freaked. But that day, they find that they are getting sucked into the diary.

There they meet a depressed girl who is around sixteen years of age and wanted by many people. They soon find out that they have evolved powers that never used to be. Their friendship grows, but with bumps along the way. Together they must all fight off the evil fantasy creatures in her time and figure why so many people want her, especially the most feared sorcerer, Matsuyo.

End of Summary! Woo Hoo! Okay everyone..This is my first shot at a manga thingy. I am not Japanese and I don't know the language. It's called the very useful computer to help me with the words. I'm guessing the whole way.

Read and Review, and I will definitely thank you out loud. You will be recognized. If you want me to read and review your stories, I will be happy to, only if you do me the favor! Thanks a bunch!