Serenity's Era

Screams that were muted now became faint, majestic lands had now cleared in sight and souls reunited with thickening bodies.

Silence had flooded through the halls of a golden shrine but exploded in sound as a crash waved against the echoing walls. Young girls in golden kimonos were scattering from their praying position among a golden priestess statue.

The statue's eyes were closed; three golden crystals were embedded deep within her hollow body near her left eye. She had three glorious arms, two in normal positions, with two large books turned over slightly, and one in the middle of her abdomen, holding what looked like the Diary of Serenity's Era.

One boy after another came toppling out on each other from the turned books. BAM, BOOM, POUH! The youngsters were on top, having Akio on bottom.

Everyone dashed down the steps away from the statue and stared at one another, not daring to speak. The golden girls who had scattered away in fright, peaked out from their hiding places and giggled, but hid so, when a boy looked towards their way.

Whispering frantically, they made their way towards the Great Shrine Doors and ran north, their kimonos now turning to a solid green.

Bravely, Akio dared to word. "Where am I?" Rae and Rei held each other's hands and replied in unison, "Looks like a shrine."

"Did all of you get sucked into that loony book? Because I know I did." Spark asked. Everyone nodded. "Well since we are here, and we no nothing about 'here', I say we stick together."

"I don't even know you, and you don't look like a good fella." Ataru said, referring to Spark. Offended, he checked himself out, his hair was still good, his face was somewhat clean and he was still wearing his clothes from the time he first met the book.

"Well, I don't know you either, but I'm willing to give it a try, Snow boy can stay here if he wishes." Akio spoke to Spark, taking a glance at Ataru's snow outfit.

"Well, my name is Spark Hino." Everyone nodded. "Mine's Akio Aino." "Our name's are Rei and Rae Tsukino." "And my name is Kyan Cakorate." They stared Kyan for a second.

"Your name was the first in the diary." Kyan nodded. "Yep, and I'm not proud of it." Staring at Ataru, he gave in.

"Yeah, yeah, the name is Ataru Mizuno." Smiling, they all agreed to stick together, and their first step, was to get out of the shrine and find out where they were.

The rays of the sun blinded their eyes and the winds warm breeze swept through their hair. "Wow, this place is beautiful."

Having a beautiful view, the curious boys took a look yonder. To the north, ancient forests and shining meadows were seen, a large village a ways, and not to far, a large mansion surrounded by waters and a mountain could be found.

To the south, more forests and mountains, but the south had a different style, it almost had an ancient demon touch to it. Streams and small tall shrines were everywhere, but what got their interest was a hot spring, just barely over the border towards the south. The spring had a silver and gold statue connected to the water filled pothole. The statue had a golden Tiger sitting gracefully up with it's long fluffy tail surrounding the spring, and a silver dragon around the tiger. Its mouth was open and hot water fell from it and into the spring.

"This could be Japan, but in the past. Boys, I think we traveled to the past." Ataru stated as he watched a man on a carriage whipping his horses to go faster.

"Excuse me, excuse me!" Kyan called towards the carriage man. The man stopped his horses and took a look at the boys. Suspicion grew in his eyes as he searched for any demonic signs in them.

"Yes?" Giggles were heard in the back of his brown carriage.

"We were wondering. Um, well, where exactly are we?" Rei asked politely. More giggles came. Kyan winked towards them.

"My young lads, you are near the border connecting Aremich and Konohana. The wastelands are towards the west and Enchanted Forest is to the east. Do you boys need a ride?"

"Where are you going?" Akio asked. The man gave them a funny look. "To Dr. General's mansion of course, would you like to come with? He is holding a party, it's going to have alcoholic beverages and a fine surprise in the end."

"Yes thank you!" Everyone said. The man gave them another look. "You should probably change, the general might find you to be very odd. I have some extra gi in the back, but mind you, my daughter's are in there."

Crawling in, they found them selves backed up against the carriage doors. They sat down quickly when it started moving. "Here you go sweet sugar lump." A nasty girl said with tight black curls handing all the gi's to Kyan.

There were three girls back there. All nasty and all older. Each had breasts hanging out, and teeth that were missing.

"Oh aren't you two just the yummiest things here!" One of the girls reached out and started pulling Rae towards her. "Ahh!" He screamed. Rei started to pull his brother back in, yelling to let Rae go. A hand flew out and grabbed the woman's yellowish arm.

"Let the boy go." Akio told her fiercely. She pulled away in fear and the girls never looked at them again.

Skidding to a complete stop, the boys scattered out of the foul-smelling carriage and almost kissed the grass beneath their feet. "Well here it is. The General's home, have a nice day boys." And with that, the man and his daughters walked into the large, massive mansion.

"Whoa." Was the only word the boys could utter. "This place is huge." And they were right. The mansion was huge with large windows; nice sized balconies and a manicured yard.

Changing into their new gi's, the boys finally got the courage to walk inside. Spark had on a red gi with blue lining, Akio had on a green with white lining, Rae had a turquoise one with silver, Rei had an orange with peach lining Ataru had blue with white lining and Kyan had a black gi with green lining. Each looking superb, the stepped inside to the elegantly lighted entry room.

Accidentally scraping his arm on the glass corner table, Akio's arm started to bleed mildly. "Oops." He winced with pain as the blood leaked out. "Akio, are you okay?" Ataru asked. Akio looked back at his cut and found nothing there, just the trickle of blood. He wiped it off, and saw that the cut was healed.

"Uh, yeah, It was nothing." He told him, still checking out his arm. Had his cut just healed in a second?

Guards in black suits ushered people into the theatre room. "I guess this isn't old Japan after all." Rei whispered to his brother.

Walking in, they immediately sat down next to a man decorated in large jewels. They had front row seats to whatever they were going to see and a long table stood in front of them where they could pick food to eat.

After waiting for 10 minutes, a muscular man, probably in his late 40's, stood and everyone clapped. The man motioned for everyone to quiet down, and they did so.

"Ladies and fine gents, I have gathered you here today for an extraordinary event, one to feast and have a jolly good time since this is the intermission to our wasteland war, and second to meet my daughter, who shall be wedded to the man I think is best."

Howls and thunder claps echoed through out the halls of the mansion. "Yes, yes, now everyone feast and enjoy your surprise."

A curtain flew open and a young girl covered in a silk dress stood still. A bright light shone on her, and everyone awed in amazement. A slow music started to play.

The white silk was draped lowly on her waist, revealing her tan flat stomach and belly button ring. She had golden bells on her ankles and she had no shoes on.

She was wearing a tight (sort of like a mini corset) tube top on, just barely stopping below her rib cage. Her (*ahem*) cleavage was showing just enough to get the guy's rattled.

Her long auburn hair waved around as the music played slowly. She started moving her feet slowly with the beat of the music. Kyan watched with interest as the beauty before him started to slightly belly dance across the floor with the now fast rhythm song.

"Whoa, look at her hips go, that's so cool!" Rae whispered. Too strong hands covered the children's eyes. "To young, that you are, for you to see." Akio laughed. "Akio, c'mon, lemme see!" Rei growled, trying to pry of the thick fingers.

Swaying innocently towards the beat, the beauty took the silk that had covered her breasts, all the guy's howled, but 'oh'd' when she had pulled it off, a silk bra of some sort, with out straps still covered her.

The girl used the silk to wave it around gracefully. Suddenly on her last belly wave and hip poppin', she stopped abruptly, the music along with her.

"Is it over?" Spark asked, afraid that the good has ended. Answering his question, the girl started to faintly sing. The music that had once flooded the boy's ears had now started playing.

"She's, she's the girl who was singing." They all said in unison. Staring not so contently at her, they all listened in an uncomfortable ease.

Her soft voice sang loudly, it was simply magnificent how she sang her melody. The melody was slow and easy, sort of depressing, but magical all the same.

"Her voice is relaxing me." Ataru spoke softly. "Yeah, same here." Spark responded in the same solitude tone.

The melody ended in wistful flute and piano playing, and her soft 'la, la, la's'. In the end, she crouched in her same position in the beginning of the belly dance and the light broke off. They curtain fell and the whole audience burst into a clapping frenzy.

"Thank you for coming to my party, I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember soldiers, we will resume our war in two completing moons. Good night everyone."

Exiting the halls, the guests either walked away, or rode away, but the modern time boys stayed. "Kyan, we have to go." Chibi Rae tried to pull Kyan away from the great doors.

"I know, I know, but.. That girl, she sort of mesmerized me." He stared blankly towards one of the largest balconies that produced a dim light. Over there was a room, and he was pretty sure that, that was the room for the General's mistress. If the beauty was not his mistress, then who was she?

"Ok, okay, I'm going." Kyan picked up the really small Rae. "Rae, did you shrink, your pick-up size now. You can be held like you're a pet." Rae leaped from his position in Kyan's arms.

"Nani?" Taking a glance at him self, Rae realized that he looked 2 than 10. "What happened to me, I'm pint size. My legs have shrunken, and oh my Kami!"

Feeling his head, two small ears (*very cute*) that were a light brown, popped out of from his hair. "I have ears, oh no, I have ears!" Sniffing around, Rae looked at his brother.

"You smell like a puppy Rei." Rei looked at him and grinned. "I like your fluffy tail Rae." Rae turned around and held his tail. "Oh no! I have a tail too."

"Rae, don't worry, I'm short too. I have ears also, but luckily, no tail. I do have fangs though." Rei showed Rae his fangs. "You both look very cute, in a puppy and kitty kind of way." The twins fell to the ground in an anime- ish way.

"Hey guys, I have powers too, I think." Akio grinned foolishly. "I think I have healing powers. Watch, claw me Rae." The kitty did what he was told and clawed Akio until he drew blood.

Akio, demonstrating his gift, put his right arm on his scratches and instantly, the cut had healed. The only thing left was his blood. "That's amazing." Spark said amazed.

"Do you three have anything?" Spark raised his shoulders then dropped them in an 'I-don't-know' sort of way. He swooped one hand over his hair, just to fix it and got into position. He held out his hand and growled, "Go! Something!"

But, nothing came. "Hmm, I guess not." Taking out his lighter, he flipped it open then closed it, repeating himself over again. "Is that necessary?" Kyan asked.

"Naw, but it settles me down some." He explained. Then out of no where, the flame from the lighter in Sparks left hand, exploded and fell in his right. In shock, and fear of burning his flesh, he threw it. Watching the fire fly, he realized that the fire had created itself into a ball, and blew up a tree.

Everyone watched in awe. "Well, I'm a flame thrower, go figure." He chuckled. "That was awesome!" Ataru yelled. "Did it burn you?"

Spark checked out his hand, and noticed that the fire never did burn him, once. "No, no it didn't." "That's so cool."

"Well, four down, two to go. Guess it's just me and you now Ataru." Kyan told him. Ataru smiled and said, "I can't wait until I know what mine is."


"I'm going, tell General that I will be back, I'm going to take a bath." The same young girl who danced told a near by guard. She was almost out the doors when the skittish guard stopped her.

"Sorry, he gave us guards specific orders to follow you if you go out there during dark." He gave her a perverted smile. "So if you want to bathe, then I will go with you."

The girl pulled a disgusting face when she saw the guard start to look down her shirt, since he did tower over her. She pulled away and told him fiercely. "Oh I will fix that."

"I wouldn't bother him now princess, he gave us specific orders not to let any one in."

"Oh, well I'm not just anyone, I'm his-" The guard licked his lips and pulled her towards the door. "Now, girlie, c'mon I have only two completed moons until I leave for the wastelands, let's go take care of our, I mean, 'your' bath."

The young girl pulled her arm away, and slapped him as hard as she could. "You lecher!" Running up the stairs of the mansion, she fled the guard and ran up four flights of stairs.

Entering the restriction zone, she ran to the largest doors on that floor. Slamming them open she met face to face with the general, who was standing in his defense mode, still shocked from the force on his doors.

"Serenity, what are you doing here? I thought I told the guards not to let anyone in. Darling, I have lot's of stuff to do right now, I leave in two days to get back with the wa-"

"I don't care about that stupid war General!" Serenity practically yelled. "I don't care about you or your rules." She started to shake her head in disappointment.

"How could you make the rule that I am not allowed outside this prison unless I am accompanied by one of your- PERVERTED guards!" She was steaming.

The general was holding in his temper. "Serenity, I think it is for your best. You are only 16 years of age, and you need someone to protect you, because," He chuckled wickedly. " You have no idea how to protect yourself."

Serenity was taken aback. "How dare you!" She had made her fists into tight balls. She was shaking with anger. "FATHER, I KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY SELF! I WAS THE ONE WHO AVENGED MY BROTHER'S DEATH, AND I HAVE NO INTENTION IN TAKING ONE OF YOUR LECHEROUS GUARDS WITH ME TO YOUKAI SPRING!"

She settled instantly when she realized her mistake. This time it was her father's time to shout. "You say, Youkai spring eh? I have no intention of letting MY daughter go there. SERENITY, THAT IS SO FOOLISH OF YOU, SO LIKE YOU!"

He was thanking the table for blocking his way towards his youngest and now only child. "HOW DARE YOU TRY AND DISOBEY ME AND MY RULES AND GO SEDUCE DANGER. THAT'S ASKING FOR YOU TO BE KIDNAPPED RIGHT THERE!"

A maid approached and shook her head. "Another day filled with fights." Serenity stood strongly, eyes closed, not wanting him to see her tears. He towered over her, she would not cry, she would not cry, oh damn it, she cried.

"Maybe you should learn to grow up Serenity, things don't always go your way." Her father growled. She looked up at him, tears flowing down her pure face.

"Maybe general, it is you, who should learn to be more of a father, than a General to his own daughter." With that, she fled from his room and out the doors of the mansion. Guard or not, she was going to that spring, whether he liked it or not.

Serenity Kino was her name. She's 16 and the general's rebellious daughter. She has long wavy auburn hair, lost baby blue eyes, light tan skin, and a nice body. She's tall, but not too tall. Her most prized possession she has on her body are the small clear crystals on her face.

Near her left eye, three crystals are embedded in her skin. They form a triangle. (Kinda looks like this *:-* except that line is like the dot) She could never get those mystical stones out of her skin; they were like beauty marks, but valuable ones.

She's a kind girl, a little short-tempered at times, looks flawless but really has some emotional flaws inside her. She is a beautiful girl, almost too beautiful, but most believe it has to do with the fact that she's a priestess. But what they really don't know, is that she is a sorceress, a powerful one.

Her mother was one, and so was her mother's mother. Her father came from a long line of priests and priestess'. So there for, she was a Sorceress Priestess. She just hid her powers, even from the General.

Running to her destination, she didn't dare look back. "I hate him, he's so ignorant, cruel, so- oh am I here already?" Staring at the magical spring in front of her, she lightly dipped her tiny fingers inside. "Okay good, it's still warm."

Stripping herself bare, she soaked in the hot spring, enjoying her moments.


"You guy's, I smell a girl, a troubled girl." Rei whispered. The boy's weren't to far from the hot spring, probably a few minutes walk away. They had made camp and were settled around the campfire Spark had made.

"Really? How far?" Spark asked. Sniffing again, Rei picked up the scent. "Not far at all, shall we go?" They turned towards each other, and shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

Walking towards the hot spring, they finally came across the eerie statue that leaked hot water from the dragon's mouth.

"Where is she?" They heard a squeak. Rae came around with swirly eyes. "I think I found her."

Kyan looked cautiously. There she was the girl he saw dancing, naked. "She has nothing on, the water is the only thing covering her." He explained.

"Oh great, are you a lecher?" "No! Are you gay?" "No! Why would you think that?!" Spark growled. Kyan lifted his eyebrows carelessly. "No biggie really, it's just I've never met a guy who cares so deeply for his looks." Spark pulled a face.

Humming indolently, Serenity leaned back and wet her face and hair, coming back up, she gently pulled her hair back. Water trickled down her face, to her neck and down her shoulders. The droplet now became one with the spring since it could go no farther down.

"She is so damn hot." Spark complemented. "So close, yet so far away." A tug came on his pants. "Hey Spark," Rae whispered in his ear. "Could you settle down, I can smell your arousal, and that's just gross for me!" Spark blushed slightly and nodded.

Serenity opened one eye, listening closely. She closed her eye and acted as though nothing was wrong, even though she knew someone was watching her.

When the boys turned around, to talk about the situation, they agreed that one of them would go to her and ask her a few questions. When they turned back, she was gone. Her towel and stuff were there, but no girl. "She's going naked!" Rae whispered. "Oh my poor innocent eyes."

"What's this, lechers, caught of their guard?" Her soft voice asked. They turned around to see a very wet, very hot girl standing in front of them. She had managed to put on some sort of white thin material dress.

The gown was loose and long, a shoulder dress. The dress pressed against her wet body, showing her reaction to the cold. Kyan coughed, not daring to stare at her breasts.

Her long damp hair blew in the wind, her crystals shone brightly from the moonlight, and she was holding her bow and arrows. One was already hitched in the bow, and ready to attack the next person who moved.

The dress swayed in the wind, showing part of her tan muscular thigh. "Guys stop it! I can smell you, and it isn't pleasant!" Rei growled.

Serenity lowered her bow and took a look at the twins. "Twin demons. A puppy and a oh!" She ran over to them and sat on her knees. "You're a kitten huh? A kitty demon?"

Rae smiled kindly. He flicked his ears and said, "Yep that's me." Serenity's face softened and hugged him. "I love kittens!"

Letting him go, she observed the passers. "You guys are a bunch of lechers you know that? Sneaking up on a girl when she's bathing."

"I know were are deeply and truly sorry." Akio told her. "My name is Akio Aino, this here is Ataru Mizuno, they are Rei and Rae Tsukino, that's Spark Hino and that one is Kyan Cakorate."

"Nice to meet you all." She looked over them and stopped at Kyan. "Kyan you said your name was?" Kyan looked up from his gaze on her side. Her dress had small chains that connected the dress on the side, so her flesh showed barely there.

"Yeah, and yours is?" Kyan looked at her contently. But changed quickly when she glared. "Kinoshi." She whispered.

"No, Kyan." She shook her head. "Kinoshi." Kyan looked at his friends in fear. "Who is Kinoshi, is that your name?"

Serenity jumped up and aimed her arrow at Kyan. "No my name is Serenity Kino, Sorceress Priestess of Konohana, and you, Kinoshi, why are you alive, I killed you a year ago?"

"No, my name is Kyan Cakorate from Tokyo Japan." She looked at him strangely. "Tokyo Japan? There is no such thing."

"Yeah, well you see, we," He pointed to his friends. "Came here from a book. It was called Serenity's Era."

"You are loony, that's my diary." Serenity backed away when Kyan came closer. "Don't come any further Kinoshi."

"No, I am not Kinoshi! My name is Kyan Cakorate!" He yelled. "Reincarnation." She stated. "What?"

"Let's say, you aren't Kinoshi, you must be his reincarnation. You look exactly like him; the only thing is that his eyes were different. They were green and blue like yours, but on opposite eyes."

"Serenity, why don't you sit down at our camp site, tell us about Kinoshi."

'Oh woe is me, I'm going to have to remember my past and bring back the memories that took me so long to forget. Emori, I miss you.'

"Sure, I mean it might help me and you right?" She asked them kindly. 'This is going to be painful.'


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