Just as soon as it comes up,
the sun goes away.
You finally get here,
and you can't stay.
As soon as I'm happy,
someone brings me down.
I make a little smile,
and it's turned into a frown.
Now that everything's going great,
everything falls apart.
We've reached the end,
but I've just gotten a start.
I had just found myself,
when something inside me changes.
I memorized the pattern,
and now it re-arranges.
I've just begun to love,
and my heart has already broken.
I finally voiced my opinion,
and now I'm too outspoken.
I just learned to cry,
and I'm already cried out.
I'd just been filled with hope,
and now all I have is doubt.

I've just begun to love,
I just learned to cry.
I was just born,
and I've already begun to die.