Tis the Season

Chapter 4

Getting to know each other

Eve's POV

Over the next few days, we really got to know each other. It was lots of fun, despite my suspicions. But they eventually went away. It was 2 days till Christmas, meaning tomorrow was Christmas eve. I needed to go out to get some presents, for my parents, even if they're not there, and Cris, who's been so kind to me. My parents and I tend to exchange gifts after the holidays if they're not here.

"I'm going to go cook up some lunch now. You sit there and relax, this is your vacation, after all," Cris told me, once again using the English accent, and headed out to the kitchen.

But wait, isn't he the guest?

I started to get up, but I was stopped by a shout.

"You sit back down now, love! I told you I was making lunch!"

I squeaked as I sat back down in surprise.

I heard chuckling from the kitchen and pouted.


About five minutes later, Cris came out of the kitchen, holding two mugs of hot chocolate. He one down in front of me, and the other on the other side of the couch. Then, he went back into the kitchen, coming back a minute later with two plates of cherry pie with cool whip on top.

Mmmmm.......Cherry Pie.....

"Here you go, now enjoy your lunch," He told me grinning. Before he sat down, however, I got off the couch and tackled him in a hug, making us fall to the floor.

I snuggled into him, chanting, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I looked up to him, to see his reaction, and found his face bright red in a blush of some kind.

I blushed myself, and leapt off of him and onto my rear, remembering I was on top of him.

I laughed nervously, "Did I ever mention that I really like cherries?"

And Cris.....


Did I just think that?


"Well, I kinda knew that you did, seeing as I've been keeping watch on you. But I never thought you would tackle me in happiness. Maybe I should give you cherries more often," He said, the last part mostly to himself.

I blushed as bright as the cherries.

"Well, how about we sit down, turn on some music, and talk? I want to know more about you, Cris," I suggested once my cheeks cooled down a touch.

"Alright." He said with a snap of the fingers, some rock music was on, turned down low, as was the lights. It kinda seemed romantic. Even the rock music. I'm not that much of a lovey dovey person, so rock music is fine.

Cris got up, then walked to where I was. He stuck out his hand, pulling me up with ease.

A little to much ease, as I bumped into him.

He chuckled, and spoke, his voice a little deeper, "You alright?"

I shook my head of its thoughts, "Yeah. I'm fine. Let's sit down and eat now. Then talk."

So we sat there and ate. Comfortable silence.

When both of us were done, Cris snapped his fingers, and our dishes went away.

"Ok then, let's talk." He said.

"First off, how do you do that?" I asked him. It's been bugging me since I first saw him do that.

"Well, that's an elf power. See these pointy ears?" He said, pointing to his now visible ears, "Well, there pointy because I have some elf blood in me."

"Some? What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

He chuckled. "Yeah. Some. My father is an elf, full, and my mother is human. Though she's been turning elf since they got together and had me."

My eyes widened and I scooted closer, "Turning? As in, she's becoming more elf as she grows older?"

He smiled, "Yes. Since my dad is an elf, and Santa, she's turning elf to live as long as he is. Actually, she already is going to, even without being an elf, but once she becomes one, she can do the snapping trick. I'll be full elf myself before I become Santa."

"So in order for someone to become an elf, they have to get married to one?" I asked, head tilted.

Cris blushed and stuttered, "Uh.....basically. But let's not get into that. Anymore questions for me?"

"Well, I'd like to know more about you, as in, stuff you like."

Cris grinned widely, "Sure! I like red, black, green, white, reading, writing, anime 'cuz it's more fun then regular TV-"

"Cris! One thing at a time! Let me ask, and you can tell. No more blabbing, please." I laughed.

He pouted. "Alright. But," He started with a smirk, "you have to answer a question for every two you ask, seeing as I know more about you then you do about me."

I started at him suspiciously. He's smirking. Why?

I'm not sure if I'll like this. But then again.....

I grinned evilly at him.

He saw the grin, and gulped, losing the smirk slowly.

This shall be fun.....


"The most embarrassing thing you've done?"

Cris cringed slightly from his seat, which was now right next to me. We had somehow gotten more cozy as we talked. "Do I really have to tell you this?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Yes."

He sighed, and let his forehead rest on my shoulder, and took a deep breath. "The most embarrassing thing I've done is when I was younger, and myself and the other child elves decided to run through the workshop streaking. My god, I don't know why we did that, even now!" I could feel the heat of his blush against my cheek. I smirked.

"Good job. I don't think I could beat that." I told him somewhat sarcastically.

"Alright then, what's the most embarrassing thing you've done. Tell the truth." He told me, bringing his head from my shoulder. I sighed. I should have known this was coming.

"Well, I think the most embarrassing thing I've done was when I once told a guy I liked him, and the whole school found out. I don't know how, but it was horrible. My friends were all sympathetic, but people kept talking about me for a while." I said softly. I hate how people don't mind they're own business.

"Oh. I think I remember looking in when that happened." He got up for a second and stretched. We had been they're for hours, and it was starting to get my limbs sore. I got up and stretched as well, but was caught off guard with what he told me next.

"It made me so pissed. Just knowing that you got hurt cause of that jerk. I made sure that got what was coming to him." Cris said, sitting back down, but not looking at me.

I was confused. What did he mean by that? "Cris, what do you mean by you made sure he got what was coming to him?"

Cris closed his eyes and laid back against an arm of the couch. "Nothing much. Just made sure he would have bad luck in the love department for the next 2 years or so."

My eyes opened wide, as did my mouth. Did he just admit he cursed a guy? Whoa. And did he say it got him pissed off cause it hurt me?

"Cris..." I whispered. He looked up to me, a bit surprised by the sound of my voice. I think he expected me to yell at him or something. That would suit my temperament, but not this time. "Thank you. Even though I wouldn't have gone that far, thank you none the less." I scooted over to him and gave him a hug. His arms enclosed me as well.

Cris sat up, and pulled me into his lap. "Eve. Didn't you say yesterday that you needed to go to the mall for shopping?" He nuzzled my hair with his nose and inhaled. I blushed slightly, and got off of his lap.

Memo to self, watch emotions more. I don't exactly want to end up in a predicament having to do with Cris.

I took a deep breath. I think, I thought to myself.

"Yeah Cris. Can we go now?" I asked him, sitting on the other side of the couch with a slight grin.

He nodded. "Why not? It's your house. You have free reign over it."

I grinned happily and shot off the couch, and up the stairs. "I'm going to take a quick shower and get dressed, then we can go!" I said over my shoulder. I heard him laugh as I entered my room.


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