pardon me

I never quite

understood anything about love.

Why people always say they feel,

they flew like a dove.

Doves are just birds,

so I just can't see why.

That they would just think,

that they can fly.

Love is a thing,

that my mind just can't paint.

Only because I see,

that love only bring things like joy or pain.

I see people cry,

because of this emtion.

How this "love" causes a scar,

as deep as the ocean.

But maybe I'm saying this,

because I'm afraid of love itself.

Because when I fall,

I don't want help.

Because I know,

If I take that fall,

Noone might help me,

Noone at all.

Love is a scary thought,

but I suppose it's alright.

It can make you feel bad,

or maybe nice.

..but I'm just in my youth,

I don't need to know about things like this.

I'll just grow up,

and experience first kiss.

So pardon me,

if you please,

because i'm not into things like that.


aik0h: good? bad?