Endless Walk

By Heartless-trinity

I walk on legs that feel like lead
I wish to rest my weary head
But further on I have to go
Through sun, through rain, through sleet, through snow
To struggle on through anything
And see what the future will bring

Through turmoils that are not yet known
I travel on to gain renown
Though I may wish to turn around
To disappear without a sound
To go back when the roads turn rough
I still go on when it gets tough

Because I fear if I turn back
If I leave my current track
I'll never find this road again
And a year will pass, or two, or ten
And lost forever I will be
All there will be to blame is me

Never to gain what I seek
A life that's full, not sad and bleak
So on I travel, on alone
To destinies right now unknown
On weary legs that feel like lead
Later I'll rest my weary head