Liars' Song
By Heartless-trinity

Watching now, the dark one cries
Seeing all the others' lies
Hearing them all speak of joy
Of flowers, butterflies, and toys
Of happiness not known

Singing, all the liars do
Of things that are false and none that are true
Things the dark one has never seen
Life is cold and hard and mean
And nothing nice and kind

Anger, hatred, pain and fear
This is all he sees or hears
Why do the songs lie like they do?
Of things warm his heart anew
Of things he knows can never be true

No one cares for me or you
But in the songs somehow they do

He wishes desperately they could
He hopes and prays somehow they would
But knows always that they don't
And despite his wishing knows they won't
So watching now, the dark one cries