The bitter pain that we all fell inside. Like the fell of crushing tides that rush at you with such a hate beating at you crushing you in it's mighty strike

and finally you breathe once more but in deep dispair as you look around the sneering faces glint with digusting joy as they murmur to themselves pointing and laughing you hate them for there cruel antics but it's not you they laugh at

it's the poor little kid on the ground beaten and pumbled to death you hate it but you don't protest a part of you laugh with the crowd a herd of maliciousness wasting there time with pleasure the pleasure of hurting

yet you stand in the crowd wearing a mask but you don't seem so proud but you can't turn back from what you've bocome a monster rotten with greed of popularity

but what good does it do you to know what to wear on which day when you couldn't even defend a little kid which they call a geek

it's the bitter pain of the world in which we live in where soiciety is rule my status and money where popularity counts and common sense doesn't where greed for money tears apart the lives of family

I wish it'd just go away the pain the hurt the fakness in reality the bitter heart of rage and hate but to end such a pain only death is the answer