The Ocean's Balm
By Lady E

Author's Notes: While I was sitting at the computer one night, this phrase strayed through my mind and I wrote it down. "Cast me down to Ocean's balm..." And the rest of this followed. A really simple piece, and not at all original, but I actually managed the rhymes without making them seem too forced and that's quite an accomplishment for someone who struggles to string the simplest words together. XD

Cast me down to Ocean's balm,
Fresh waves of comfort wash over me.
Toward salvation I lay in calm,
Awaiting Death's silence to take over me.

Rushing Water, steal my breath,
Allay my troubles, close my eyes.
Darkness come to claim my health,
Clothe me softly in Death's own guise.

Sweep me under, O merciless Tide,
Cover me in sheets, wrap me in streams.
Hold me till in Death I may hide,
And whisper to me the sleep of dreams.

Grant me that place where I yearn to be,
Where there's never a trouble, never a care.
Let me go to rest now, my only plea,
The burdens of this world I can no longer bear.

I welcome the chasm of deepest Night,
Relishing the prospect of being free.
Sweet Water grips me, clutching me tight,
And stillness takes a hold of me.

Thanks for reading!