By:Andrew Troy Keller

As far back as I could remember,Christmas is a time of sharing your love for your fellow man and being with your family in enjoying such a wonderous holiday.

But every now and then,there would always be an Ebeneezer Scrooge type lurking around out there to give the rest of us nothing,but grief--even during the Holiday Season.

One of those Ebeneezer Scrooge types was a young and beautiful CEO named Beverly Boggswill,who was planning to go spend a peaceful weekend alone in a secluded mountain cabin and away from the very things that she had grown to call 'commercialized,self-selling crap-trap'.

As a matter of fact,not even a nice-sounding phone call from the man of her dreams,Peter Spangler was able to get Beverly to change her mind and join him and her family for the annual Holiday Feast.

But all of that was about to change,for after she had finished packing her bags and picked up the phone to call for a cab,there was a knock on Beverly's door.

After she had turned towards the source of the knocking,an unsuspecting Beverly said,"Come on in and take my luggage down to the lobby!I'm about to call for a cab!"

But then,just as she was about to try to call for a cab,Beverly had started to hear that exactly same knocking.

And after she had slammed the phone back on the hook,a confused and angry Beverly had walked towards the front door,flung it open and yelled,"NOW,WHAT THE FREAKING HELL DO YOU WANT,JACK-ASS?!"

But when she had looked around the hallway,she had noticed that there was nothing there,except for a neatly-wrapped gift box.

And after she had picked up the box and brought back into the apartment with her,a curious Beverly had placed the box on the coffee table in the living room,sat down on the sofa and picked up the gift card.

And when she had opened the gift card,the message inside of it had read,'Remember,Bev!You and me together forever!Merry Christmas!Love,Scotty."

Then,she had thought to herself,*Scotty?As in Scotty Diller?But that's impossible,because he's been dead for seven years now.*

And then,even though she was still thinking of the whole thing as someone's idea of a sick practical joke,the curiousity within Beverly was strong enough to pick up the box and open it to see what's inside it.

But when she had looked inside the box and saw what it was,her face had became dreadfully pale with fright,for inside the box was a real-life human heart and it was covered with blood.

And after she had screamed bloody murder,poor Beverly had picked the phone,called Peter and asked him to come quickly,for she had recieved something truly horrific in the mail.

Then,after he had noticed how her voice had sounded on the phone,Peter had gotten into his car and zoomed over to his beloved 'ladybird"s penthouse apartment,where the 'ladybird' was waiting for him.

"Beverly,what is it?",asked a confused Peter."What's wrong?"

Then,after she had taken a deep breath,Beverly had pointed to the box and answered,"Open it and you tell me."

And after he had picked up the box and looked inside of it,his eyes had grown as wide as saucers and he had said,"Holy shit!Is this a real human heart?"

After she had slowly nodded her head,Peter had looked at Beverly,let out a small smile and said,"Whoa!Talk about getting a gift from the grave."


And then,after she had placed her hands over her face and began to cry,Peter had walked over to the sofa,sat down next to Beverly,wrapped his arms around her and said,"I'm sorry,Beverly.I didn't mean to upset you like that.Why don't I go to the downstairs lobby and see what's holding up that cab?"

And after she had looked at Peter and nodded her head,he had walked out of Beverly's apartment and started heading for the downstairs lobby.

And while he was gone,Beverly had walked over to the bookshelf,took down a photo album and looked inside of it.

Halfway through the photo album,Beverly had suddenly noticed a picture of herself and her old lover,Scotty holding up a great big fish in front of the camera--and the words that were right next to the picture were,'These two lovbirds had juct caught a really big one on Sunday,December 7th,1996.Way to go,Guys.'

And while she was standing there and looking at that photo,her mind has flashed back to that particular day in which both she and Scotty had caught that fish.

After one of their good friends,Sarah Gordon had taken the picture and took the fish off of their hands,Beverly had looked at Scotty and asked,"So,Loverboy.How about you join me in a warm shower to get the smell of fish off of us?"

And after he had thought about it,Scotty had looked at Beverly,let out a smile and answered,"I don't see why not,Bev."

A few minutes later,after they had walked into the cabin and upstairs to the bathroom,they had removed all of their clothes,stepped into the shower and turned the water on.

And while the water was running and they were rubbing soap on their nude bodies,both Scotty and Beverly had looked at each other for a minute,or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And after they were done using the shower,they had gone into Scotty's room,placed their naked bodies on the bed and continued enjoying their experience of pure,untamed erotica.

About an hour later,after they were able to catch their breath from their round of sensual passion,Beverly had placed her head on Scotty's chest,took a deep breath and said,"I love you,Scotty.I really do love you."

"I love you too,Bev.",said Scotty,while he was running his gentle fingers through her platinum-blonde hair."And I promise you that we'll be together forever,for nothing--not even the icy grip of death itself--could ever take you away from me."

And after they had looked at each other and smiled,both Scotty and Beverly had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

Then,after her mind has returned to the present,Beverly had allowed a single tear to run down her cheek,because that was the last time she had seen Scotty before the Christmas Eve Massacre at Liberty Square,which had caused nine panicking and scrambling last-minute Holiday shoppers and one lone police officer(Scotty)to be shot to death.

Ever since that horrific day,Beverly had never dared herself to celebrate any holiday that would force her to remember that tragic event that had taken her beloved Scotty away from her.

Then suddenly,after she had heard someone knocking on her front door,Beverly had wiped away her tears and asked,"Peter,is that you?"

But instead of an answer,the strange knocking had continued,causing a curious Beverly to walk towards the front door.

"What's the matter,Peter?",asked Beverly,before she had turned the door knob."Have you forgotten your keys or something?"

But after she had opened the door,the look on Beverly's face had changed to that of total fright,for right in front of her was Scotty's newly-revived corpse with a large hole in his chest,a bloody fire axe in one hand and Peter's decapitated head in the other hand.


And while Scotty was laughing his ghoulish head off,poor Beverly had no choice,but to bend down to her knees and start prying to God to rid her of this nightmare once and for all,for she had realized that what he had said was true--that they would indeed be together forever.