November 24, 2003

A Beautiful Disgrace


High school: a school especially in the U.S. usually including grades 9-12 or 10-12

star-crossed : not favored by the stars

punk rocker: a person who likes, and follows the ideals of rock music marked by extreme and often deliberately offensive expressions of alienation and social discontent

Preppy: relating to or being a style of dress characterized especially by classic clothing and neat appearance

Synonym for high school often used by its students: The hellhole of life.

Welcome to Haley High…


The working minds of tomorrow's future…

Physics at room 203 had never been more quiet. All the students worked hard in concentration, putting together formulas, solving equations, and having fun doing it at the same time. You could just feel the buzz of brilliance in the air. There was no doubt that most of these kids would end up working at the Pentagon, using their knowledge for the good of the world.

He had no idea what he was doing in there…using his brain for the good of the world was not his thing. If he had his way, he would make sure no good was done for the world. But, he didn't. All he had was his CD player, and his rock music. He laid his heavy head against the white wall behind him, blasting a droning loud rock song, closing his light green eyes, and entering his world of darkness. The world around him closed off, a barrier was created. There was no use interacting with him now that he was gone.

Nevertheless, as the screaming chorus came on, he felt a presence in front of him. He reluctantly opened his heavy eyes and stared up at his teacher. He suppressed a groan of disappointment and sighed instead.

"Mr. McKennly…how long have you been attending this school?" his teacher, Mrs. Benninfield, asked.

He rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Since I was a freshmen…for four years."

"Ah, so you should know that walkmans are not allowed on campus. I will be having that now." She said, holding her hand out and moving her fingers toward her. He looked up at her, and noticed the firm look in her eyes. He felt his anger rising, but did what he was told. He took the headphones out of his ears and handed the CD player to her.

As he watched her walk away with his only source of sanity, he could already feel that this day was going to suck…


She was scared out her mind.

Standing in the hallway, looking up at room 607, she could feel her stomach flutter with nervousness. She looked down at her newly printed schedule, checking for sure if she had the right class and period. Her finger wrapped around a strand of her long black sleek hair. Her hazel eyes filled with anxiety and she slowly pushed open the door.

At once, the loud noise of the classroom filled her ears. Girls and boys sat in their seats and chattered away. Some students were busy writing on their papers, some had their noses buried in books.  Laughter erupted here and there. She looked around in amazement. So this was high school…

She scanned the room for the teacher, who was sitting at his desk in front of the class and was typing at his laptop. She walked to the front of the desk and cleared her throat. He looked up at her and pleasantly smiled.


"Um…Hi, I'm the new student." She told him, her voice shaking.

"Oh! Yes, Hello, I'm Mr. Simon. Now, let me see your transcript so I can sign it and enter you in my roll." he said, holding out his hand. She handed the frail yellow paper to him and watched as he scribbled her name down in his notebook. He then signed it and handed it back to her, the pleasant smile still on his face.

He stood from his chair and waved to the class.

"Quiet please, thank you. We have a new student with us today. I'd like you guys to make her feel welcome, and help her get along. Do you want to introduce yourself?" he asked her. She nodded and faced the class. She could feel her heart thump against her chest, her fluttering stomach now doing flips.

"H-..Hi. I'm Aziza…and I just came out of home schooling…its my first time in a high school…so…yea, I'm a little nervous…" she said to class, letting out a small shaky laugh.

The class stayed quiet and stared up at her. Aziza could feel her cheeks turn red and she looked down.

"Well…I'm sure you'll like it here. Now, take a seat, we were just about to start going over a new lesson." Mr. Simon said, pointing to the seats.

Aziza nodded and looked around for a spare seat. She was fearing it would be one of those typical moments where all the seats happen to be taken in some way, because people feared the new girl. But, as she walked towards a seat, she heard a voice call to her.

"Hey! There's a seat here if you like."

Aziza turned her head and saw a red headed girl, who was grinning insanely. She had thick glasses, and her desk was covered in books and papers. Aziza smiled and sat in the empty seat next to her.

"I can help you catch up with the class too, if you'd like" she girl said.

"Yea, that be nice of you. Thanks." Aziza told her.

"No problem. My names Anne. I'm one of the only kids that actually works in here. You have a cool name, what does it mean?"

"It means precious…it's an Iranian name" she explained.

"Wow! Your Iranian? That's really neat."

Aziza smiled and nodded, taking her notebook and pen out, ready to take notes.

The lesson wasn't much different from the ones she received at home school. In fact, they were much easier, and not as detailed. It was good change from her hectic lessons.

The bell rang and all the kids jumped up and exited the room quickly.

Aziza and Anne were left in the room, still packing their things. As Anne stuffed one last overfilled notebook in her bag, she stood.

"Want me to give you a tour of the campus?" she asked.

Aziza smiled and stood. "Yea, that be great!" she exclaimed, following Anne out of the room and into the bustling hallways.

"The social life is divided into various groups. You got your jocks-." Anne said, pointing to the left at the group of boys wearing their black and red letterman jackets. They were large and loud, and looked up and down any girl that passed them by.

"You have your preps-." She continued on, pointing to the right at the group of girls. They all wore the latest fashions, had the latest hair styles, and even the latest ways to stand and talk to friends. They waved their hands around animatically as they spoke in their high pitched voices. As Aziza passed, they stared at her, for she was also wearing the latest trends.

"Gangsters, dorks, skaters…chess club…freaky hippies who still think it's the 70's…yea, we got them all." Anne went on, naming different clicks that the school had.

"Where do you hang out?" Aziza asked.

"Eh, I go around between the nerds and the normals…I'm not geeky enough for the nerds, but I'm too nerdy for the normals…"

As they left the large building and entered the outdoor quad, Aziza noticed another group.

"Who are they?" she asked and pointed to them.

Anne looked at them and gritted her teeth.

"The punks and the goths…our trouble makers of the school. Every year their numbers go down because they get expelled for doing really major things…"

Aziza furrowed her eyebrows and looked at them. They all wore black and sat around, talking quietly to one another. They all had a variety of hair styles; mullets, colored mohawks, long shaggy hair, sleek spikes. All wore battered and torn clothes, with bondage straps, patches, and safety pins littered all over them.

But Aziza paid attention to one of them…he looked different. He had neat straight hair that fell onto his face in a nice way, his face was pale, and he had black eyeshadow around his eyes. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, and baggy bondage pants, with heavy combat boots. He had his head against the truck of a large willow tree, his eyes were closed, and he had a solemn look upon his face. His lips were partly open, and he seemed completely cut off from the loud world around him. Aziza was entranced by his appearance and stared.

"Who is he?" she asked Anne.

"Who? The one leaning against the tree trunk?"


"Oh…That's Adrian Mckennly…he's the head of them all…the social outcast. Not one to mess with, that's for sure… He's on contract right now. If he does one more major offense, he's kicked out of the school for good…cant tell you how many times he was suspended." Anne told her, taking her arm and pulling her away to keep walking. Aziza stumbled and gave Adrian one last look before she followed.

"Why did he get in trouble?" she inquired.

"Most of the time he gets caught with drugs. Pot mainly…" Anne explained.

"You mean…people actually do…drugs…here?" she asked, dropping her voice down to a deadly whisper. Anne turned around and gave Aziza a bewildered glare.

"…yea…people do drugs here…lots of drugs…what high school doesn't?"

Aziza's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped in shock.

"Woah…you really were home schooled huh? What did they do, lock you up and never let you look out the window?"

"Well…I didn't get out much…my parents are really paranoid…"

"yea…I'll say… Is it an Iranian thing?"

"Iranian to the max…My parents had a baby before me that died…so I guess they were just overprotective of me." Aziza told her.

"I see…well, come on, I'll show you the Library"


"Hey Adrian!"

He groaned and opened his heavy lids. The sunlight stung his eyes and he hissed at the pain. He frowned as he was once again brought out of his dreamland.

"Adrian! Hey, you listenin'?" he heard again.

"Yea Max…what is it?" he spoke. His voice was smooth and soft, a British accent hanging from his words.

"You see that new chick? She was staring at you up from the steps." Max said.

"No…I didn't see her…I was busy…" Adrian murmured, closing his eyes again.

"Doing what? Daydreaming? C'mon dude, that's all you do these days…ever since you got on that fuckin contract, you don't do shit anymore. When are you gonna start up again?"

"When girls stop wearing knickers…"

"Already know a few who don't!" Max laughed.

Adrian forced a smile and stood slowly. He pulled his shirt down, which came up to reveal his toned pale stomach and naval piercing.

"So…this girl is new right?" he asked.

Mark, another one of Adrian's friends, spoke up.

"Yea, she was in my history class this morning. Her name is Aziza. She just came out of home schooling." He explained.

"Home school?" Adrian said, emitting a loud laugh.

"Yea, and she's a major goody goody. Probably has never even seen anyone like us before…"

"Explains the staring…" Max said.

Adrian ran a hand through his silky black hair, his mind working. A goody goody…pure…innocent. His reputation was dying down…she could be exactly what he needed…

"I could use a girl like her…" Adrian said, a smirk playing on his lips.

Max and Mark both laughed.

"She ain't your type, you know you like get your trips from the chicks down at the club." Mark said.

Adrian rolled his eyes and shot a look at him.

"I don't want to bloody fuck her! I want to fuck with her…" he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Contamination…we'll show her how high school really works. It'll be like killing two birds with one stone. I could get my rep back, and we could break a girl…"

"How do you plan to do that?" Max asked.

Adrian stayed quiet for a few minutes. He looked down at the floor as he made up a plan.

"First…we get the preps to befriend her…long enough so she learns to trust them. Then, they betray her…I don't know how, but they'll think up a way. Its gotta be something good though, something that will break her heart. So, while she's crying her arse off, I'll come along…sweet talk her…tell her she's gotta toughen up her image so people won't mess with her anymore. The girl must be dead from the neck up that she'll go along with it. Then we fuck her up. I'm talking the works, goth her out, drug her up…completely destroy her…that's when I break her." Adrian explained his plan, and by now his whole crew was listening.

"How are you gonna break her?"

Adrian smirked again.

"Rape is when you engage in sexual activity, and one of you says no to it, but you go through it anyway, right? Well…lets just say she'll be saying no over and over again."

Everyone laughed, and Adrian smiled more.

Max and Mark smacked Adrian on the back.

"The way that British mind of yours works always gets me. This is gonna be one of best fuck ups we've ever done…When do we go through with it?"

The bell sounded, and Adrian picked up his bag.

"I think we should pay the preppies a little visit during lunch…"