Fire is one
Of power and might
Quick to anger
And full of spite

But deep inside
A warm heart flames
Kindness and purity
With a dream untamed

Lighting the way
To all who seek guidance
Her beauty is
Of the finest

She changes moods often
Though inside she is hard as stone
But even she can break
When she is alone

A glint always dances in her eye
Like the flames that surround her
Great power and majesty
Seem to have bound her

Not to be tested
She knows when she's right
Don't cross the line
She is willing to fight


Water is purest of all
Full of grace and ability
She will not always come
She won't often follow willingly

Though mistrustful,
Her spirit cries out
For one living being
To show her the right route

Her power exceeds even that of fire
But she does not like to cause pain
Instead she shades them with their own guilt
And leaves them in their shame

The smallest thing will tear her down
She is easily depressed
She may sit around and mope
But tries to do her best

Peacefully at ease
Her dress flowing and blue
Yearning for peace and love
That is honest, and true

Helpful to all
Loves even the fools
But hurts deep inside
When anyone is cruel


A bright smile never
Leaves her face
The light in her eyes
Glows brightly in place

A free spirit
She is her own
Always having fun
And never alone.

The friendliest of fairies
Makes most use of her wings
Joy and innocence
Is what she brings

Wise in her own way
She knows when to get mad
Childish, yes
But that's not always bad

Loving, caring,
Friendly and kind
Innocent and gracious
With a great mind

Powerful when she wants to be
Doesn't like being worshiped
It is her firm belief
That no one is perfect


One word can sum her up;
Though she hides in secrecy
She is not delirious

Quite the opposite in fact
She is wise beyond belief
To see her during hard times
Brings reassurance and relief

But she is not one to anger
For her wrath is menacing
It can tear up oceans and seas
Houses, buildings and fencing

Her power is great
Though she keeps it secret
She is best described as a loner
And you can see it

She cares for all animals
Great and small
Ones that walk
And others that crawl

Full of dignity
Consumed with pride
Her anger storms; sadness rains
But she will never cry

The beautiful sunset
Is her work of art
A cloudy sky
Means a troubled heart