(In Memory) Alia Michael (1988-2002)

I knew I found something special, the day I found you
A hidden star that needed polishing, so it could shine anew
Best friends we soon became, though to me you're family
Because I had never doubted you, and in you I truly believed
You knew exactly what to say, to make me smile again
You accepted the whole me, and were there through joy and pain
You were never busy, when it came to matters concerning me
And if I hadn't told you what happened, you wouldn't let me be!
I didn't have to think twice, to tell you what I feel
Because I knew you did care, and that you friendship was for real
But without my knowledge you silently fought you own secret battle
You only told me a little too late, that you were leaving this world
Weaker and weaker you grew; as I was left to helplessly watch
Days that passed by without your word, made hope fall down a notch
You wouldn't let me say goodbye, and told me to just pretend
That nothing bad was happening, to my own beloved best friend
Nowadays all the songs are somehow out of tune
Dimmer are the sun, stars and even the moon
Soft grey veil covered the dark days that now longer grew
And no longer do I recognize, the world I once knew
I find myself crying along, whenever the sky cries
It seems all that surrounds me now, are only whispered lies
The burning tears that soak my pillow on countless, sleepless nights
Become a painful reminder, that I have lost my shining light
But through me you'll still live, and I'll let the world know
That once I had the bestest friend, but I had to let her go
I don't know how you understand, every part of my heart
And I don't know the reason why, God had to pull us apart
All I know is that my whole life is changed in a sudden swirl
The day my friend Alia Michael, left behind this world