We hang the mistletoe and the holly
Eat and drink - be merry and jolly
We bring in the tall pine tree
Anticipate how the next year will be
We decorate the house in green, white, red and gold
Watch how the magical season unfolds
We see the happiness hidden in winter's embrace
We eagerly await when spring will take its place
But in our religion the difference is found
You see the season's spirit in a church
I, all around
You celebrate Christmas for the one destined for the cross
I give thanks for the Winter Equinox
So whether we have Christian or Wiccan beliefs
We celebrate life eternal, with the tree and the wreath
You speak a prayer to your God at the Mass
I light a candle, ask the Goddess to bless
All who acknowledge this season, whatever their way
Because Wiccan or Christian, we give thanks for this day.
Whatever the culture, whatever the path
Our reverence for this day through the season will last
Though our religions will differ, our beliefs are the same
Here's hoping that next year we'll worship together again.