"I knew this job was too good to be true." Rosalyn Harris thought to herself. A day filled with good news and happiness would of course eventually lead to complete and utter disaster by the end of the day.

She had just beaten the competition for the lead role of the new action/drama television show "The Tigress," a supernatural heroine. She was especially surprised because she was black. She thought of the wonderful opportunity it would be for her acting career; well, that is, if the pilot show got excellent reviews with a large viewing audience to boot. But then, she found out who her leading male co-star was: her ex-beau, Sean Edwards.

The blue eyed devil always had a genuine passion for acting (as did she) and was marvelous. Word of mouth was he had acquired a few meaningful roles on Broadway and some modeling on the side. No real surprise there. There was no denying the sexiness of that man- natural dusty blond locks, perfect abs, intelligence, and that confident, slightly bow legged swagger. oh, stop. Gotta focus. Besides, it's been awhile. Maybe he got fat, ugly and stupid.

"Ugh!" She thought frustrated. It wouldn't be so awful if they'd parted on good terms, but when was it ever that easy? She wanted to hate him, but she didn't have the heart. In spite of all of the bad times, she had to admit she had some of the best times with him too. Deep down, she probably still loved him, but she tried to not think about it. Naturally, this was going to make working with him hard and extremely confusing. No it wouldn't have to be. After all, they were professionals. This was merely business. The only emotions that she would show were the ones she would create for a scene. She wouldn't dare waste her energy and time on him.

She would just put on her resolve face. Yeah. It'll be simple. She'd just make a barrier around all of her real emotions and put up a front. After all, she was a talented actress.


This was exactly the kind of break he was looking for. Sean Edwards sat down and read the script for the pilot show.

"A good idea with excellent writers. This could actually work." He murmured to himself. "I hope this great script has excellent actors to portray the characters. So, Kari, who shall I be working with?" Sean asked his agent, Karen Stevens.

Kari was not only his agent, but also one of his close friends (which were few and far between) for the past five years. She was, as the hackneyed phrase goes "hot." About 5'6", emerald eyes, cascading red locks, and a perfect tan on a perfect body. They were very much compatible. But they never would hook up for two reasons: one- they never mixed business with pleasure, and two- she was gay.

"Well, I went over the cast list and the only person you know is Gary Meyers."

"Gary, well I'll be damned. Haven't spoken to him, since, well, it's been awhile. Nice guy. So, what's the name of the leading lady? Hope she's not some insipid bitch. Ya know how much I hate those. Well, unless she's hot!" He said, waggling his eyebrows.

"Her name is Rosalyn Harris."

Sean sat up straight in his chair and attempted to swallow the lump in his throat.

"Uh, come again?"

"Rosalyn Harris. Why? Have you heard of her?" He sat back in the chair and heaved a troubled sigh.

"Yeah. I know her very well. I told you about her. You know, the love of my life that I foolishly lost?"

"Oh, you mean her whose picture you not so discreetly carry in your wallet?" She said with mock innocence.

"Yeah, and hey, the picture is only there for luck." He said feigning indignance.

"Hey, maybe she wasn't the love of your life. Maybe a first love or a great love. Besides, you don't honestly think that the picture brings you luck, do you?" She replied with a challenging look on her face.

"Well, it got me this job working with her, for one." He said as he rose up to leave.

"Right. And it had absolutely nothing to do with your abilities as a talented actor." She said, while learning in her office chair and crossing her arms. He turned form the door and looked back at her before leaving.

"Well, maybe just a little." He said with a grin.


Rosalyn went home that night alone (as usual) to celebrate her win - and to have a little drink. Boy, oh boy. Going to work never seemed to be such a hard task. But then again, nothing worth having was ever easy.