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Scarlet Ibis

"God, that feels nice," Rosalyn murmured, as she lay sprawled and relaxed on her stomach on her bed, shirt off as Sean straddled her, massaging and rubbing the kinks out of her back. She moaned when he managed to pop her spine back into alignment.

"Feeling better?" he asked quietly as he continued to soothe her tense muscles. She turned a little in order to look at him.

"Yeah," she answered quietly, staring at him intently. "Haven't felt this good in a long time. Well, except for being able to star in my own television show," she said as an after thought. He smiled at her.

"You are going to be famous. The whole world is gonna fall in love with you."

"That sounds nice. But as long as you love me…"

"Always," he affirmed, leaning down to kiss her. She turned all the way around underneath him, lying on her back. He braced his weight on his hands, remaining arms length away from her as he leaned over her.

"You know that whole, dumping me thing? I've been thinking… Who knows, maybe if it hadn't happened, we wouldn't be here together now, or on this show, or—"

"I'm still sorry that I did it."

"I know. But sometimes… we still had a lot of growing up to do, and we may not have been able to do so had we not gone our separate ways."

"Maybe; maybe not. I learned a long time ago there's no use dwelling on the past, and as long as you're in my life now, and tomorrow, and everyday after, nothing else matters."

"Everyday after, huh?" she asked with an arch of her brow. He leaned down closer to her face, looking at her carefully.

"There isn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind about that. I don't nor could I ever want anybody else for the rest of my natural born life, Ms. Harris. Whether you'll have me or not, you're it for me."

The room was silent. He waited for her to say something, but she was at a loss of words.

"Wow, you are really blowing my mind right now… Everything is like, perfect."

"No, don't say that," he admonished.


"You'll jinx it." She laughed at him.

"I'll jinx it? Are you serious?"

"Let's just see where we are a year from now. I know I'll still be here for you, but let's hope this whole show biz thing works out, okay?"

"Sean, I know it will. I knew I'd be famous ever since… I think I was ten. Besides, you're the one who said that everyone was gonna love me, right?"

"Yeah, and maybe some will love you too much," he muttered.

"What are you talking about?"

"You are a beautiful woman, Rosalyn. It's as plain as day. With fame is gonna come paparazzi, and fans, overzealous fans, and maybe even stalkers."

"Nothing I can't handle," she said matter of factly.


"And look at you— do you think women aren't going to notice you? My god, they'll be throwing themselves at you."

"No worries, sweetheart. They won't be able to turn my head."

"Better not. Your head and all your parts belong to me," she said, wrapping her limbs around him.

"Damn right, baby," he murmured, kissing her softly. "You think maybe this time around you could avoid kicking my extra sensitive parts?" She looked up thoughtfully, pondering.

"Just as long you don't give me a reason, buddy. Cause if you do, then I can't be held responsible for my actions."

"Agreed. And let me just say, that I'll never give you a reason. Not again," he promised.

"Make sure that you don't."

Sean knew that he was crazy for leaving her in the first place, and vowed then and there that he would never let anything or anyone come in between them again. He would never leave her again.

But of course, he never considered the possibility of her leaving him.

Or being taken away.

But who is to say what the future would bring? Only time will tell…

One Year Later

"I was most definitely shocked and devastated when they told me they were going to cancel 'The Tigress,' but I got over it really quick…"

Stay tuned to hear why Rosalyn Harris, Sean Edwards, and the rest of "The Tigress" cast are thrilled the show is over after it's dynamic first season.

The young woman's eyes widened at the statement given as the intro for "Extra." She pressed the fast forward button on her Tivo's remote control, going through nearly two thirds of the program before they showed the interview clip of Sean and Rosalyn. She pressed play, sitting eagerly on the edge of her favorite chair.

"So, can someone please explain to me why the two of you are thrilled that the showis over after only one season?" the interviewer asked the pair. Sean and Rosalyn smiled at each other briefly before facing the woman across from them.

"Well as it turns out, the show's first and only season was really a prequel to the movie that we're going to make. And if it does well at the box office, I'm sure there will be sequels," Rosalyn explained.

"The creator felt that his vision could be better presented in film, and since the scope of the show and the special effects were totally over budget, apparently, he said 'what the hell?'" Sean added.

"Isn't that a bit daring?"

"The fact that he did an entire season of a show, and not just establishing shots in Chicago, was daring in and of itself. He made it work. Our writers, our cast, directors, everyone is so wonderful, that I don't see why it couldn't work. It's worked for 'Firefly,' and they'll be doing a film for 'Sex and the City,' fairly soon. And besides, it pays to be different. That's why our show works to begin with."

The scene cut to the interviewer standing on the studio floor, the camera panning around her.

"You heard it hear, folks. That takes care of the business end, but now, what about their personal lives? Find out now!"

"So, I hear that the two of you have become an item. Is that true, or is it just a rumor?" the interviewer asked with a large smile, causing the pair to smile bashfully.

"No. It's just a rumor. Sean would never…" the young woman's voice trailed off as the camera zoomed in on the pairs now clasped hands. It panned back up to show them looking at each other.


The young woman clenched her jaw.

"Yeah. We're together, and very much in love," Rosalyn answered, now looking at the interviewer. Sean kept his eyes on her.

"Are there any plans for marriage or…"

"Yeah, we plan on making it official at some point. I can't have my lady living in sin forever, can I?" Sean joked.

The scene did a slow motion cut back to the studio, showing the interviewer standing there with a large smile.

"And there you have it. I'm sure we'll be seeing the two of them for a long time. That's our Extra for the weekend. See you Monday."

The woman clicked off the program, sitting in stony silence. Abruptly, she threw the remote across the room with a yell of frustration, causing the back end to pop off, and the batteries flying to opposite sides. Her breathing came out in rapid pants, and she fought to control her emotions. She knew she had to calm down.

She knew she had to fix this.

Sean was hers.

End of story.

To be concluded in Part Two