She Walks

She walks in pride with her head high,

Leaving a trail of dignity and distinction.

She is a diamond in the rough and a woman of worth,

If ever there was such a woman that walked this earth.

She remains a dedicated monument of womanly courage.

She contains an aura of confidence and a heart of devotion.

She moves, yet will not be moved, for her destiny is her own

Along with a conviction of character that God himself set in motion.

Her bejeweled heart of gold is precious, but not easily broken.

She retains her faith, through all of the faithless deeds that surround her.

Her inner sanctum of respect cannot be breached,

Although weakness often tries to overtake and confound her.

She is a force to be reckoned with. She strides in strength.

With the knowledge of her value, she stares you in the face.

Her path was carved by your deceptions

And with the eyes of justice, she puts you in your place.

Now, knowing her virtues, there is no question why

You received her unendurable rejection.

You neglected a gem

And thereupon are not worthy of her unrivaled perfection.

She walks in strength

And leaves you behind.

And although it pains her,

Her soul you no longer bind.