Your Mask

So deeply engraved in my mind,
The hollows of your face.
To look into your eyes,
Would mean instant demise,
Of my heart.

Your fingertips graze my cheek,
Lingering upon my lone tear.
I tremble from the undesired contact,
For no warmth emits,
From your touch.

Pulling away from the hollows,
The crevices I used to caress.
Wanting to exceedingly to hold,
And stroke the face,
That was mine to touch.

My mind a paradox if longing,
And loathing for your face.
The smooth contours,
The handsome features.
Forever lost to me.

How I hate your face,
Your fast of feigned affection.
That lured me to my ruin.
Deceiving me with lies,
Of your acclaimed love.

Fury processed my hands,
Destroying the face of the hellion,
The man that tore my heart.
He shall now have his face,
Torn in return.

I tear away the features,
That enticed my unbidden heart.
I rip away the hidden smirk,
That hides underneath,
The mask.

Your veil reduced to shreds,
By your former lover's hands.
Now proudly go and display,
Your charming and deceitful,