A/N: The inspiration for this poem came from a novel I read in my high school's book club called The Killer's Cousin. It had me hooked from start to finish, and afterwards I felt compelled to write this poem. You don't have to be familiar with the book at all to understand what's going on, but it helps a bit. By the way, I'm not feeling the title much at all, so if you have any alternate suggestions, I'd appreciate them very much. :o)

"A Blue Note on Saturday Night"

Running, running, pounding out the patterns

Of life, of love, of home, of loss

Take your steps and stamp out your demons

It's primal escapism, and you know it

Live how you want, but know where you are

Know where you go, where you went, where you stand

And, always, remember your crimes and your punishment

Your place is not among the masses,

But behind, away, in shadows and old trails

You might not remember the way back anymore

But you trudge along and far

You control your destiny, but you lost your way in your passions

The murderer's fate is not to die

And, so, always, you remember your crimes and your punishment

Because there's not much to do on Saturday night

When you're dead