I'm going to rip off
This illusion of happiness you gave me
And shove it in your face
Just to show you who I am
And I'll bleed this cry all over your hands
And watch it dripping down your arm
Then I'll ask you how it feels
To be the one in this state of alarm

I want to cut you out
And paste you in my scrapbook
Close it forever and ignore your screams
I'll put you away at the bottom of my bookshelf
But when people ask if they can look through your book
I'll smile and politely shake my head 'no'
Because you were a part of my old life
But now you've moved onto better things
Like plastic wrap and paper glue
Which makes it so much easier for me to disregard you

Because I'm tired of your truth
And I'd rather live my lie
This is getting to be too much for me
And I need to forget you. Now
If you guys haven't noticed, I really need a beta reader to read over and
critique some of my stuff. If anybody is interested, please email me, or
drop me a review, or stand outside of my house naked holding a sign. Or
something. O.o; Any helpful ways on how to fix this, I'm all ears.
My email address is Acting89@aol.com, and my house is in New Jersey. (heh)
I love you all