Why did you do it?
Why do you continue,
Now that all the world knows.
You're poisoning our minds,
With your ghosts of perfection.
Evanescent wraiths,
Ever changing, never truly there.
The perfect hair, body, clothes,
You say you have them,
That you'll give them to us.
If we obey you,
Eat what you say, shop where you tell us.
How can we have fallen for this,
Are we really that weak?
To follow you,
For all that your lies have been shown to us,
One thousand times over.
But your hold on us remains.
The casualties of your war for our constant attention,
Thrown in the dust by the roadside.
To collect the pieces of their shattered lives
Or to fall ever deeper into the abyss;
That void that you made for them,
Until they perish, unseen, in the dark.
They tell us, the survivors,
Holding themselves out as proof of your treachery,
But still we follow.
Bound by chains of our own making,
Holding the keys and pretending they aren't there.
Hiding them in the darkest shadows,
In the back of our minds,
The corners were we fear to tread.
We hold ourselves in this bondage,
Unable and unwilling,
To break free and find our wings.
I will rise now,
Along with the others.
The ones who have seen through your dark charades,
Tainted by it but still whole,
And true, to ourselves.