Whisper Safety

Arianna Wings


            A hundred years after the Serpentess conquered Garghan, Realm of the Great Warriors, there was a night when the stars did not sing to the Dragon and the heavens knew not peace. Instead, a storm raged from the Dreary Coasts to the shores of the Santrel Sea. They say that the mountains shook that night and a formidable shadow seemed to rise up from the silhouette of Mt. Arl as lightning struck.

            The Dragon watched as the Creatures let the thunder echo their fury and the Fair Folk sparked lightning down upon the land and did nothing to stop them, for it shared their anger. Its anger was just as great, but it possessed more patience than its subjects. The few faithful left in Garghan prayed and pleaded to their sovereign god for the storm to end, but it knew that the storm was necessary if the prophecy of the Serpentess' fall would ever come to be fulfilled.

            The Serpentess had taken too many lives for no other reason than her own pleasure. She had forsaken her fear and beliefs in the Wanderers. She had raised herself up and portrayed herself as a goddess; turned herself immortal through the sacrifice of newborns – something the Wanderers had forbidden long ago. Now she would meet her demise.

            In a small village along the Dreary Coast, a woman moaned in labour as she struggled to give birth to her firstborn. The midwife's encouraging words were drowned out by the roar of thunder outside.

            A bolt of lightning struck a large tree not far from the cottage where the woman laboured. It fell, engulfing the woman's final cry as the babe came free. The squalling child was handed to his father. The man looked at the limp form of his wife and then at the midwife who shook her head.

            Silent tears made their way down the man's cheeks as he looked down sadly at his son. The babe had eyes like dark green emeralds and a light covering of golden hair adorned his crown.

            The old man standing in the doorway of the cottage looked down at his grandson, then at the scene around him and the fallen tree outside. He was silent for many breaths.

            At last, he went to his son, took the child from him and declared, "And they shall call you, the Hero of Garghan."

A.N. Hey everybody. So this is a story that I worked on like all summer and my friends have been 'editing' it throughout the fall. It's all written out and even if I don't update other stuff, I assure you I will have an update on this at least once a week. However, it's not very long, but I'll try to draw it out – you know, putting you guys on cliff hangers and stuff. lol. Anyways, hope you enjoy this one. Stay cool peeps. :P