The day was hot. At noon, the sun was at its peak in the sky, shining brightly down on the Arizona desert. Jake was riding a horse around his ranch, the one he owned by himself. He inherited it from his parents who had moved away recently to a small, seaside town. It was of formidable size, a lot of land for just one fox. A handsome fox of 21 years standing a little over 6 feet tall, he was pretty buff and worked out every day. As he rode around in full cowboy clothes, sweating under the hot sun, he wondered why he even bothered to put on any clothes at all. As he wiped the sweat off his brow with his gloved paws, he saw an old, black pickup truck pull into the gate. He wondered if someone had finally answered his ad for a ranch hand. What would he be like? Would he be a hard worker, eager and quick to learn? And most importantly to Jake, would he be hot?
As Marshall was pulling into the driveway, he noticed the big, wooden overhang with the requisite steer skull hanging on it. He smiled a bit, excited at what the day would have to offer him at his potential new job. Marshall was a strong German Shepherd, around 6 feet tall. Although not too muscular, he was in shape, owing in part to his life on a farm. As his truck rambled on through the gate, he didn't notice the fox riding on the horse in the nearby fenced in area. He drove up to what appeared to be the ranch house and parked, walking up to the front door and pressing the doorbell. He waited a bit for someone to arrive, figuring that it was just taking a while for the person inside to come to the door. After all, who would spend lots of money on an ad in the paper if he wasn't going to be home to answer any potential workers.
Upon spotting the dog, Jake quickly rode over to the stables where he hitched up his horse before sprinting back to the ranch house. He could make out the figure of a canine pressing the doorbell as he wiped the sweat from his brow, dusting himself off and trying to make himself presentable. As he drew nearer, he started to like what he could see of the dog, but shook his head, trying to get himself to concentrate on the matter at hand. He ran up behind the dog and said, "Oi!"
Marshall immediately turned around, spotting the sweaty, dusty fox standing in front of him. "Howdy, sir," he said, tipping his hat. Jake, not to be outdone, took off his hat and bowed, waving his paw in front of him ceremoniously with a hearty, "Howdy. What's your name, son?" Marshall quickly replied, "My name's Marshall, sir. I spied your ad in the paper and decided to see what this is like." Jake nodded, secretly checking Marshall out. As his eyes moved up and down Marshall's body, he smiled, hoping that he could have some fun with the dog as well as work. He replied, "My name's Jake. Pleasure to meet you." Jake took out his keys and unlocked the front door, ushering Marshall inside.
Once inside, Jake pulled out a seat for Marshall and started the coffee maker, listening to the water drip into the carafe as it worked its magic. He sat down across the table from Marshall, smiling. "So, have you had any work experience before?" Marshall, eager to make himself sound exciting, started on the long story of his childhood on his parents' farm. Jake listened intently, noting that after a few sentences, he was a sure hire. He spent the rest of the long story looking at Marshall's cute body from the muscles on his arms down to his chest, wondering what the table was hiding from his view.
As soon as Marshall finished, Jake smiled at him. "Well, that's a really interesting story. Mine, unfortunately, isn't that riveting, but I want to extend the invitation to work on this ranch to you. As I said in the ad, I'm here alone. There's a guest room if you want to live here as well." Marshall smiled at the prospect of living at the ranch. He had lived on his parents' farm for 20 years since he was born, but actually living and working with a non-relative was exciting for Marshall. He smiled at Jake, already taking a liking to him. "I'd really love to live here, sir." Jake chuckled and could tell the dog was really nervous, so he said, "Call me Jake." Marshall smiled a little through his nervousness, "Of course, Jake."
"Did you bring you clothes like the ad stated?" Jake asked. Marshall pulled out his car keys and ran out to the car, bringing back three suitcases packed full of items. "Yes, I brought my clothes." Jake smiled and replied, "That's good. You can move in today if you want to then." Marshall smiled, "Of course. I'd love to." Jake got up and walked over to a nondescript door in the kitchen. He opened it up, walking through, Marshall following him with his luggage. The door led to a staircase and Jake flipped the lights on at the bottom before ascending. When they got to the top, they went down another long hallway until they came to the end of it. There were two doors at the end. Jake opened up the left one, saying, "This one's your room. The one across from you is mine. If you need anything, just knock and holler, and provided you don't mind a sometimes groggy fox, everything will be taken care of." Marshall laughed at this, "Thank you, Jake." Jake smiled and said, "Well, I better let you unpack and settle in. Come downstairs when you're done. This room's got its own bathroom and shower, so you'll have some privacy with those matters." Marshall smiled, "Thank you. I'll be down in a little bit." Jake smiled and walked out, closing the door on his way. "Oh boy, this is going to be fun," he thought to himself as he went downstairs to prepare some lunch.