Broken Awakening

You have seeped into my pores.

You now run through my veins.

You are a living, breathing, entity that pulses inside of me.

You are my hearts blood.

The existence of my soul, my life and my prayers are tangled up in your being,

Never wanting to be free.

You not only complete me,

But you made me.

You gave birth to who I am.

My spirit was awakened by you.

Yet, you broke free

And in doing so broke me.

I am turned inside out,

Ripped open and broken,

Crazed and demented.

My blood is pouring forth,

Ripping through my skin.

Spasms rock my body

And I am delirious from the pain.

You have torn yourself from me

And opened up my wounds.

There is a hole in my soul

In the place you once were.

Your memory lives there

And it leaves me no solace.

It pounds from inside

And each heartbeat reminds me of loss.

Now the focus of my life is that empty place in my soul,

Where you once were and are no more.