Every morning the dawn chorus
Is drowned by the radio
And the beauty of nature before us
Goes unseen because the video
Have all the children enraptured
In a fantasy world they're captured
And the parents look on in woe.

The sunlight streaming in through the window
Is blocked, lest it glare on the screen
Novels and books lie gathering dust
Cos the teens would rather read magazines
The old litery classics forgotten
The old ways faded and rotten
Healthy lifestyles, naught but a dream

The melody and rhythm of music
Are lost to the tuneless guitar
The young waste time without fear of loosing
Everything when they go too far
Oblivious to parental good will
They turn to the needle and pill
And drive much too fast in their cars.

A girl looks up to the stars
Who are so thin that their ribs can be seen
And starves herself, going to far
Realises to late how foolish she's been
Now her body's ailing
Without energy, her heart is failing
Death claims another impressionable teen.

In this world we don't always see
The tears caused by family strife
We don't realise how serious it can be
Till the young turn to the pills or the knife
A terrible problem ongoing
Their fears and sorrow not always showing
The young pay for it with their life.

Now finally the cold, pallid faces
Rediscover the world that they lost
But the warm welcome glow of the sunlight
Can't reach the inside of the dull, wooden box
The generation returns to the earth
Far too soon after their birth
The young and the foolish are lost.