** This story was written for one of my classes. It NOT real, just so ya know. And yeah. So enjoy reading it. Any comments would be appreciated. I never have been able to write stories all that well. thanx. *TI*

My Experience

I never thought that this day would come. Sure, people have threatened it would happen to me, but I just figured they were like the rest, empty and untrue. I mean how often do you listen to people when they tell you, you will be abducted by aliens? But I have a different perspective now that the summer night is over.
See, for some reason, people consider me to be rude and cocky. This is simply because I knew I was better than them. Jealousy, really. So anyway, back to the reason I am telling my story.
On the Friday night, my boys and I went out to throw a party. A bud of mine had just turned 18 and since his parents never really did seem to care, we packed up some gear and headed out to Lake Waters.
I won't tell you the majority of what happened that night. (Like I said, we had a really good party going). But I will tell you aliens took me away.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Aliens? But seriously, they did. This flying saucer came over our campsite, blinded us with its lights, and the next thing I knew, I was inside this weird spaceship looking thing. A creature came and tied me up right away, though it wasn't really with rope. It was a string of green flashy lights that sent a shock to me if I dared to move. I learned this fact rather quickly.
After a couple shocks and a few more cries for help, another human- looking thing, but with four arms, three eyes, and million- or-so-mouths, came by. I couldn't help but try giving it a piece of my mind, figuratively speaking of course.
"Get me out of here! Do you know who I am?! I am Drew Harkins. People will be looking for me, you know. I am very important to everyone. Let me go!"
The creature looked at me for a moment, and then all million-and-a- half mouths rose to a smile. This ugly, four-armed creature was making fun of me. Can you believe this?
The gesture outraged me ever so much. I tried to wiggle out of my captures, but the only thing let loose was a yelp as I caught the majority of the sting along side my chest. After that, I didn't dare to breathe much, let alone break free.
So anyway, this thing, I shall call him Al, just because I can, was smirking at me, looking at me in much the same way a tourist would gaze at a store window front.
"Umm. Please let me go. I did nothing to you people. I never would do anything wrong. Really. I wouldn't." I began to plea. My chest felt as though on fire and I could feel myself begin to tremble. I was so afraid I'd shake so much; I would again set of my restraints.
After a moment or so of keeping an almost constant eye contact with "Al" (which I must say was rather difficult, seeing as how he had three to my two), he suddenly turned around as if he heard someone call his name. He then looked back at me and walked in my direction. I flinched yet again. I got a jolt, but was too scared and made sure I did not react.
Al walked up and grabbed the rope, and pulling ever so slightly, rolled its eyes as the rope split in half. He never once acted as though he felt the charge as I did.
"Get up. He is ready to see you now. Be forewarned, he's been watching you for some time and is not too pleased with your attitude." Al spoke, though barely audible. It sounded like his throat was only tiny slits, through which a lot of sound was being pushed out of.
Now I can tell you this. I may act tough, and everyone knows I am stronger than anyone by far; I was so scared right then and there I could have passed out and never thought twice. Luckily I didn't.
So ok, I follow Al down this long, narrow doorway and into a larger type room. Mind you this is all in the spaceship. so that tells you how large that thing was. But yeah. So I am following this creature that is about four feet taller than me, which, with me already 5'11", makes for an extremely uneasy walk. The walls were bare with the exception of a few abstract things scattered here or there. I thought they looked somewhat like maps of different constellations, but I was too nervous to stop and admire the art work. My body froze once we got to an almost-wooden door nearly ten feet tall.
Al pulled open the door and with a stern, Get in, he swiftly turned around and left, but not until I was inside the door, for it was pushed closed again.
"Come, Drew. I have been expecting you for some time now. We have much to discuss. Shall we begin with this attitude of yours?" His voice was so harsh and raspy that I almost had to ask him to repeat his statement.
I tried so hard to gather enough courage to talk to him. Finally I did. And, after my voice squeaked one or two times, I was able to say this.
"May I ask you who you are? And what do you want with me? I have done nothing wrong to your species, or whatever you call yourself. All I know is that I was having a really good time before you and your 'people' decided to pick me up and think that you don't have to explain your reasoning. Well, here is your chance. You won't here another thing out of me until you do." I said this as confident as possible. My only thought was that since they were probably going to kill me anyway, I might as well go down fighting.
"Well. My name is Lord Devin. I am from a planet in which you humans would be incapable of repeating; therefore its name is not necessary. I have chosen you because you seem to think you are the best human on Earth, therefore you would be the prime creature to study. Now I have been watching for over a period of approximately 37 years, which on Earth would be equivalent to four. I am not impressed, Drew. You seem to think that others' falls can become your gain. That does not fly well on my planet; therefore it shall not be done on yours. You have been accused of thinking you are better than many other species. How do you choose to plea?"
I was on trial here? Why was I on trial? I did nothing wrong. Sure, I probably could have been a little bit nicer to a lot of people. But I was only human after all. I mean, if I wasn't scared before I opened that door, I sure was now.
"Please, Mr. Devin-"
"Call me Lord Devin. We are not on a friendly name basis."
"Sorry. Lord Devin. I am sorry for all the things I have done wrong in my life. If I promise that I shall never do anything like that again, will you please spare my life? I beg this of you. I am not better than anyone on the planet. Please, just let me go. Please?" I whimpered slightly, trying, but failing, not to cry.
The thing that happened next was the most unbelievable thing ever. Lord Devin raised both his hands, for he was closer to human than Al, and let out a shrill yell as a greenish-yellow glow shot from his fingers. This must have been only for show, for no electricity went through my body, and no summoned creatures had arrived to eat me. So I was ok at that point in time.
"You, young boy, are an interesting species. I give humans a lot of credit. They sure are a lot of fun to make them squirm. Nothing shall happen to you. You may go now."
Then, with that, the ship landed, I was politely thrown out, and laid in the grass until the ship was gone.
To this day I can still hear Al and Lord Devin laughing at me. I cannot believe I was bullied by the two ugliest creatures I have seen. But hey, I have, and will not, ever go to the camp again. I know not that I am not the greatest person on Earth, not because I have 'learned my life lesson'; as my lovely mother would put it, but because I am too afraid to think that way, for those creatures may still be within the atmosphere.