**FYI this was actually written by my best friend and me through a post/repost story. Needless to say, our civics class was extremely boring. Oh yeah. both Akera and Shazaam(Onatopp) from this story have poetry/stories on fictionpress (under those names). So yeah. Feel free to read this as well as some of theirs. Please r/r to this seeing as how I don't write stories all that much. Thanx again. *TI*

Playing with Fire

"Rocket-launcher? Rocket-launcher? I want one!!" Ti-Eka began screaming this as she took a slight chase after the one named Akera. "I want to play with fire! But flamethrowers are like way funner". After this statement, she takes out a lighter and tosses it at the blonde wolf, watching as the flame immediately went out. "Damn damn damn!"
Akera whines a little bit as soon as she was hit with the flying projectile. Taking a moment to ponder what just happened, she stood there blinking. Then she threw back the still-unlit lighter. While it was still in the air, Akera nicely stuck out her tongue.
Ti-Eka decided at this point in time, she would get a small piece of tape to tape down the lighter thing. Too involved with the cutting of tape, she did not bother to look up to see the lighter as it fell from the sky and bopped her upside the head. She shook her head, picked up the lighter, lit it, and began to tape down the black piece. "I am so much smarter than you, you stupid blonde wolf! I so win!!"
However, just before she was able to throw the lighter at Akera, thus winning, she screeches out in pain as the tape catches fire, burning her paw. "Owie!"
It was then that Akera began to laugh almost into hysteria about the fact that Ti-Eka had hurt herself. "You are such a dork, lady. Leave it to a tiger to burn herself".
Lying now on the ground, she watches Akera closely. A bit on the upset side because her best friend was laughing at her pain, the upsetting feelings were quickly gone as she witnesses Akera skipping around chatting something along the lines of her winning. Then watching as the wolf swiftly trips over her own two hind legs, taking her down to the ground, headfirst. It was then that Ti-Eka had forgotten about her burnt paw and began to laugh out loud.
It was then that Ti-Eka thought for a moment that her friend might have actually hurt herself from the fall.
"Just checking, you are ok, right?"
"Ow. Yeah I think I will live." Grumbles the wolf, with her face still lying on the ground.
While Akera attempts to get her situated, Ti Eka again found the lighter. Giggling to herself a little bit, she again threw it at Akera. This time, she almost fell to the ground herself, laughing as the lighter bounces off her blonde head and listening to Akera whine.
Ti-Eka watches closely as Akera begins to growl, though she never saw her take out the matches and light them. Smelling what seemed like burning fur or something of the sort, Akera looks down, to see her own paw engulfed in flames.
"FIRE!!" Akera wailed out, running around in a circle with the flames moving around her paws. "WATER!! I need WATER!!!" She said once more, stopping her flee, noticing the flame is only spreading with her constant running around.
Finding a lake nearby some brush, she took off and thrusts her paw into it. "All better." Hearing the giggles behind her now, she splashes the red tiger behind her.
"OK, now that was kind of mean, you know that? Remember what our mommy's used to say? Never Play with fire, or anything else that might burn?"
"Stupid mom." Was Akera's reply, meant to be heard only to her, though Ti-Eka was able to pick this comment up as well.
With the joke Akera had made, it upset Ti-Eka a little bit, for she loved her mom, most the time. Thinking Akera was still off in her own little world, complete with the burnt paw, she didn't figure that Akera would hear her as she came up behind her and threw her in the lake.
"Swim time!!" she yelled as she, herself, jumped into the water.
Splashing around for maybe a length of five minutes, Ti-Eka came up with a really good idea. Whispering it into Akera's ear, they both took out of the water. "Wait a minute. You said something about getting guys.. Well who are they?" Akera questioned.
"Umm.. Shazaam is the guy who is like really tall, kind of skinny, and has like the reddish brownish hair. Chia is the shorter, a bit heavier- set one. I think he has spiky brown hair. The only downside to them both is they are human. But hey, they are still fun to play with!"
"OH! Ok. I know them! Let's go get them. We can drown them in the river as well!"
Running towards the woods in search of the boys, TI-Eka stops for a moment to grab the lighter once more. She smiles as she thought to herself that she might use this on Shazaam if he doesn't cooperate. With this notion, she takes a slight bow to acknowledge her intelligence, stopping in mid bow realizing that Akera was staring at her blankly, for she was talking to herself and bowing. "Just shut up, Akera."
Shaking her head at this vulgar comment, Akera let it go and starts looking around once more for the boys. This was under boulders, in tree holes hard for a squirrel to even fit, mostly places in which no human could even think about fitting, much less an animal.
"Here boys. Come on! Where are you people? Shazaam? Chia? HELLO?!"
"Umm.. Akera, I don't think that they will answer to their names. They are humans, remember? I mean they are not like us."
Searching for what seemed like an hour, which was really only ten minutes, Akera hears a slight growl from her stomach, for all the running around had made her hungry.
"Ti?" whines Akera, "Can I chew on the boys? Just a little? I hungry and I promise I wont hurt them none. Please please PLEASE?!?"
"Ok, well here is the deal. You can play with Chia all you would like, but I get Shazaam all to myself. Deal?"
Seeing Akera nod in agreement, Ti-Eka shakes off the access water from her fur, which was still a darkened red due to the wetness, she takes off into the woods, when she sees something moving. Thinking the guys had actually heard their names when Akera called them, she pounces into the brush in which the sounds were coming from.
"RUN! IT IS A BEAR!!!" Fear takes over this young tiger, and she promptly faints, seeing only black.
Hearing all the commotion from maybe 50 feet away, Akera takes a running start and jumps into the brush in which Ti-Eka had fainted. She began to snarl as the bear cub came within two feet of her fallen companion. The bear watches closely, until he hears a growl from what must have been his mother, for he took off the same way in which he had came.
Not totally sure of what to do to get Ti-Eka awake again, she began to poke her side. "Hello? Ti-Eka?"