Letting Me

And it hurts
Right about here
Right there
In my head
That's were I feel it most
The pain you cause me
It's like mental torture
Ever felt that before?
I bet not
I'm not capable of it
But you are
Trust me I know
I feel it everyday
Everyday of my life
The pounding, and the tension
It makes me want to cry
But that would be just what you want
And I don't believe in satisfaction
At least not for you
That's why I have him
That guy on the side
The one that hands me aspirin
Let's me cry on the outside
You're not worth the headache
Or my time
See that guy on the side?
That's my guy
And your worst nightmare
Because I know you need me
But you just can't see
I love my guy
I love my geek
So go play your game
Go throw your ball
Just know that your be cheating on
Yes, that's right
That guy on the side
He's helping me two time you
He's letting cry