Raven's Image

Michaela opened her inbox and scrolled down looking for new messages; there was one, from Raven's Child. Michaela opened it and quickly read through it.


Could you answer a few questions? You can make a chart like mine.

Hair: Shoulder length, curly, dark brown Eyes: Grey Age: 15 Height: 5'2" Gender: Female Pets: Red Setter; Pirro Chocolate Lab; Faith.

Thanks. Sorry if I'm being nosy but I love being able to picture the people I write to. By the way, I saw your latest post, very cool.

Raven's Child

Michaela stared thoughtfully at the e-mail for a while before hitting the reply button. She walked over to the mirror for a minute to gaze thoughtfully at the dull brown hair that fell straight down to just past her ears, her brown eyes and her skinny twelve year old 4"11 frame allowing her eyes to drift over to the gerbil that was sitting next to her radio running thoughtlessly around on its wheel. Then with only a twinge of guilt she wrote,

Raven's Child,

Here's the answer to your questions.

Hair: Waist length, wavy, jet black Eyes: Ice blue

Age: 15 Height: 5' ½" Gender: Female Pets: Rabbit; Enya, Golden Retriever Kenna.

I'm glad you like my post. Your latest one looks great too; it must have taken you hours.


Then she hit the send button and got back to her math homework.