(For you)

I wake up,
Then I get dressed.
Put on my make-up,
Looking my best...
(for you)
Look in the mirror;
Wonder who it there.
What does vex her?
Why should I care...
(for you)

I sit in my chair,
Talking to your ghost,
Just to pretend you're there
When I miss it most...
(from you)
I search into my soul
TO see what I can exhume.
But it's all so cold,
Littered with perfume...
(for you)
For you,
For you,
I was never true,
For you.

I toil through the day,
Waiting for its end,
So I can mutely lay,
And my mistakes, all ammend...
(for you)
I endure all of this
Sorrow that I've brought.
There's something that I missed,
But not what I thought.
It's you.
(for you)