i wanna be hardcore
i wanna fuck with the populace's mind
i wanna say 'hey, man, watch this'
and trash up some car

i want you to hate me
and for you to think i'm a sicko
i want to be the bad influence
the kid they all warned you about

i want you to want me
i wanna be like heroin
i wanna fuck with your system
i'd leave marks if i could

i wanna be hardcore
be the kid you all have to hear
'cause i'm too loud not to

i want something to actually screech about
i don't want to be politically correct
i wanna piss off humanitarians
and make old people look down at me in shame

i wanna be hardcore.

D'you all wanna hear a joke? I wanna tell you a joke. Here goes:

This old man was sitting on a bench in the park when a younger man came in sat down beside him. His hair was spiky and all different colours. Pink, blue, green, and orange. The old man stared at him continuously. Every time the young man looked up the old man would be staring. Finally the young man said
"What, old man, haven't you ever seen anything wild in your life?"
The old man kept staring and said
"Once I got pissed and had wild sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son."

W00. Hardcore!