Slivers of Life
Slivers of light and dark
Visions of the world
Behind the shade
How can we know
What lies in wait
When we always look
At the world through
Half closed eyes
We say we know
We say we love
But how can we
When perceptions are shaded
By our dream-world realities
Life is complex
Yet its been done before
Who are we to think
We have it harder
Than those that went before
Slivers of light and dark
Shards of glass
From a broken mirror
Can we ever hope
To put it all together
Will we ever complete
The picture that lies
Within each of us
We say we want
We say we need
How can we know
What we are missing
Before the living puzzle is complete
Life is complex
Yet it happens everyday
What makes us think
We deserve more
Than the people down the street
Slivers of light and dark
Pieces on an Othello board
White turns to black
Black turns to white
Where are the shades of gray
That should lie in between
Life is complex
So why do we insist
On trying to make it simple
--By Jamie Erdman aka Poetsoul