A/N:  Yet another one of Mystique's midnight poetries.  ^-^ I know it may seem a bit choppy; but I wrote this at almost 1am, and half asleep.  So be nice to me with that, ok?  ^^ Please enjoy, and remember- this belongs to yours truly!  ^-^


She stands alone

A once dreamer now surrounded by sky blue tears

Flowing out in waves

Until the one she loves comes to find her

She is a lost soul

Forever bound to the place that had crushed her dreams

Her hopes

And everything she once lived for

All taken with a split second of falling out of love

Tired blue eyes gaze listlessly at the horizon of the sea

Matted and tear-stained hair dancing in the winter breeze

As she waits for her day in the sun

She is without reason

The surface of the sea a mirror reflection

Of whom she once was

And who she will never be again

Wandering aimlessly and without a purpose

Beautifully cursed, she stands by and waits

Helpless to the time that seems to fly by

Day turning to night

And night to day

But to her, it feels like eternity

And just when she feels like all hope is lost

Another comes to save her

The reaching of a hand her invitation

A warm, caring voice her revival

And a kiss her seal of eternity

She has now found her way into the light

And the sky blue tears are washed away

With the coming of the new dawn's light…

~*~For Pearl~*~