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I'm feeling a little sad, a little lost. A little out of place, sometimes out of mind. I dream like I would live forever and live like I would die tomorrow. It took its toll and now I'm back where it all began. I'm feeling a little lost, a little out of line and I can't break through.

Today did not go very well. What goes around comes around they say. And today I might believe that. I'm feeling out of luck, out of date, out of dreams. And I keep on wondering why I can't break through.

The past is the past and the world keeps on turning. And I want to believe. I want to hope. And this song keeps on playing through my mind. There are worlds within worlds and I want to believe so badly. I'm feeling crazy, lost in my own and I can't break through

And I would like to think of you and think that we can make it. But I can't break through and the days are turning shorter. It turns cold and I feel a little out of place, maybe even out of mind. And I just can't break through.

In the end I'm still standing here and it looks like the world is spinning and that nobody understands. My life is vague and my life is my own. I live like I want and I believe that there is better than this. But still I can't break through.

There are words that would mean everything to me, but I never hear them. There are times I keep on reliving in my dreams, because I can't get them out of my head. There are lives that I want to kill, there are days that I feel deprived. And I can't break through them.

Life keeps on going and we turn old. The world pass us by and nobody who'll reminisce about the generation that once lived here. Thoughts of you and I keep on going around. The words are circling in the wind. And still I can't break through everything.