On the eve of a misty winternight
the old stars were shining bright
painting their magic silverlight
all over the land so pure and white

Only the fog from the forlorn lake
this gray thief, seemed to take
away the sad beauty of this scene
from this dreamscape so serene

Like once the lake took my darlings body
Like my darling once took my heart
to drown it in this damned part
of my own grounds, all cursed and bloody

Still I can see her lonely soul cry
as glittering snow falls from the sky
Still I seem to hear her breathe
feel a breeze on my skin and beneath

And as I turn my head up high
just to utter a painfull sigh
I could see her dance, my love
dancing in the heavens above

Was she laughing - so it seemed
Oh my poor heart felt so redeemed
Yet the fogs claws where coldly stinging
reaching for my heart so joyfully singing

So you want to take me too?
Oh you greedy monster how can you
Yet maybe you will take me to
my prescious darling, to dance as two

On the eve of a misty winternight
Ice broke like the barrier to another world
and like magic crystals, bubbles got hurled
when two lost souls could unite

Only the fog from the forlorn lake
this gray old man, seemed to make
a veil around the secret dance
to keep their everlasting romance