At last I understand.

I am alone.

Utterly and completely

From birth until death

All the people who love me in the world will never change that

All I have is me

All that I am

All that I have learned

All the strength and weakness

All my potential

Fulfilled and unfulfilled

It will have to be enough

Because it is all I have

I have learned many things

Things that mean the difference between existing and living

I have learned to be cruel

I have learn to be unfeeling and compassionate at once

I have learned never to share my soul with anyone

I have learned that to be indifferent for most of my life

Means that I can be happy the rest of it

I have learned that kindness doesn't mean happiness

That affection is inconsistent even if love is not.

Most importantly I have learned to rely on myself

And only myself

That is, I have learned that I should