A sad, depressing poem.


Never Say Forever

Never say there's beauty here
Never say there's gold
A wasteland is a wasteland
Never tell what you've been told

Never say you love them
Cuz the gods have other plans
And somewhere outside the window
Is a man with warmer hands

Never say you'll save them
Cuz the world is deadly danger
And you realize that the corpse
Inside the coffin is a stranger

Never say you need them
They'll just wait another day
To find that set of footprints
Of the one that got away

Never say they'll catch up
Cuz lying is a sin
And the race is long and bloody
And the killers play to win

Never say they'll make it
Cuz the truth is on their breath
The world just keeps on spinning
And their tears are filled with death

Never say you'll be there
Cuz there's nothing left to miss
And elsewhere in the city
There goes the last free kiss

Never promise anything
Cuz the world is breaking down
And all your gifts of loving
Will tumble to the ground

Never beg forgiveness
Cuz the burden is too great
You can't escape the darkness
When your soul is second rate

Never plead for mercy
When the judge is out of town
Never ask their kindness
As the blade comes sweeping down

Never say forever
If forever is your friend
Cuz never is forever
And forever never ends.


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