Forever Elizabeth
By:Andrew Troy Keller

She's the one woman I've fallen in love with.
She was an FBI Agent named Elizabeth
Carter and she was--as far as I could see--
Someone who I would consider to be
Living my entire life with.

We've met at a movie theater,
Where she was suppossed to be with her
Blind date.But after he had stood
Her up,I've gone and done what I've could
To make the break-up bearable for her.

And then,after we've had that one kiss,
She had noticed something that was amiss
In her life,for like a pair of snow doves,
Liz and I had fallen in love--
And it had started with a kiss.

Several months later,my dream had came to be,
For she had gotten married to me
And became Mrs. Jonathan Smith.
But to me,she'll be forever Elizabeth--
And we'll always be as happy as could be.