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Tryne sat comfortably underneath the warm sun, in the Castle's fore- court. Garden seats lined the high brick walls, providing comfortable places for those who wished to sit. On the high metal posts hung flowering baskets, alternating with brackets containing ivory statuary. In the middle rose a fanciful carving, surrounded by a large pond in which goldfish swam lazily about. The various bees created a sonorous drone, as they hovered around the nectar laden flowers. The day was simply too nice to be 'working' if one could call it that, for what was he but a simple mercenary? Well.. no, he wasn't simple in any way, however killing people for money, surely, would not be so difficult.

At any rate, a benevolent sun deigned those tiny inhabitants below worthy of its presence, and so shone with almost unnatural fevor down upon the court. Flowers of every color and description strained towards that celestial body, leaves spread fully to catch what energy was made available to them. Likewise the people all gathered in that particular place in the spacious castle, some linking arms and obviously lovers, while others furtively darted between shadowy places; those whose parents, perhaps, forbade them meeting so. Without so much as a glance Tryne's hand darted out, brushing away a curious, plump little bee that had been hovering about his head for the last few minutes; mistaking it for an overly large flower no doubt. It buzzed angrily for a moment before huffily busying away, as such an -ugly- thing could not have possibly been a flower. On to other and more hospitable plants of the verdant nature!

Its path crossed the pond, the middle of which sprouted a fair lady of white marble, in whose delicate hands there perched a lone dove. Its beak was open and a thin stream of water spouted from it; if there ever was such a thing a dove spitting water, Tryne had never seen one. Reflected in the shimmering water was the sky, a lovely pale blue dotted with small, cottony white clouds. These (the clouds) floated gently along their way, herded by warm breezes of the upper atmosphere towards destinations unknown, but they gladly went along if only for the novelty of seeing foreign places below, with their crowded ports, busy streets, and just as busy inhabitants milling about.

But enough of that, we shall return to the scene at hand, and Tryne who was thoroughly disgruntled at having his head mistaken for a flower. Closing his curious silver eyes (and really, the other people had begun to stare) he leaned back against the neatly mortared brick wall that separated the grand castle from all the riffraff and general coarseness of the country's 'lower peasants.' It was not a few minutes yet before he felt a hand rummage through his fine, dark-colored tunic, searching for the pouch of money.. any pouch of money. Feigning ignorance he continued laying there, throwing a few snores for effect. The hand was quite dexterous and soon located the satchel of gold coins within the inner layers of his clothing; Tryne struck, and did so with alarming speed and accuracy.

His hand clamped over a slender arm, jerking it away from his chest and the previous day's 'earnings.' "Now see here, what is the meaning of this?" Tryne had half expected a small child, or perhaps a woman, to have perpetrated this heinous crime, but was affably shocked to find a youth, whose face and head were yet covered by a large black hood. "Let go! Let go this instant!" (Obviously the voice was that of a man's) The delinquent squealed, utilizing his other hand to try and pry his other arm away from the hurtful grip. "Be still, child, else you find yourself missing a limb!" Growling in the most horrible way Tryne pulled the young thief down on the bench alongside him, causing the hood to slip in the process. My, my, but what a handsome youth emerged from the shadowy recesses of the hood. The crystal blue eyes were narrowed in intense dislike, but it did not take away from the overall attractiveness of his face. Features of exquisite delicacy and refinement were framed by a halo of tousled golden hair, that had been artfully rumpled in the slipping of the hood. His mouth was delicious, being full with the slight hint of a pout, the crimson lips just slightly touching and curving into a fine finish.

"Release me this very instant!" He was quite unnerved by the stern Tryne, who took a moment to regain his composure as he'd been staring rudely for a second or two. Clearing his throat authoritatively Tryne, in order to give himself time to think, remained silent with his hand still around the youth's wrist. "Say, boy..." At which the thief frowned, at being called a boy. "Do you know a person by the name of Lord Vallence?" A small moment of silence followed, at this very odd request for identification of a person, when surely Tryne should have called for the guards.

« ~ »

"Yeah, and what if I do?" Belligerently our thief cocked his head to the side, sneering most unpleasantly at Tryne, who much have felt that whatever cuteness there had been was surely just an illusion. He gave the wrist in his hand an extra twist, causing a light squeak and quite a wince. "Alright, alright, if I tell you, will you let go?" Tryne seemed to give this offer a serious moment of thought, though obviously it was only a -moment- as he replied gruffly, "Take me to him, and I will let you go. Not a moment before that. Good heavens boy, have you forgotten your manners? Tell me your name." It was his turn to smirk now, as the thief colored a pretty shade of pink, partially out of anger, partially because Tryne had almost smiled at him. "I-It's Kiren. What about you?" "Tryne." The answer was abrupt. Kiren stammered with a slight flush still, looking obstinately away from the (seemingly) gleeful Tryne, determined to keep his composure.. or what was left of it. "Lord Vallence is not in Ghazel° now and he will not return for a good three years."

Kiren muttered this to Tryne as a suspicious passer-by glanced their way, quite forgetting that he should have been trying to escape, not aid, this quaint stranger. Tryne mused over this, looking quite thoughtful as he relinquished hold on Kiren's wrist, though only partially so. "Then take me to him." It was no small affair for the Lord to make so long a journey away from his stately manor, therefore subsequently most of the town would know his destination before the day was ended. Such was the gossip of the town, and Tryne had heard already as he'd made his way to the fore-court of the castle. The exact place was not clear, however rumor had it (according to the fishmonger's wife as she idled by the marketplace) that the Lord headed for a continent known only as Morphes° on the southern front. "We agreed, did we not, that I would release you only should you help me to find this person." Yet again Tryne smirked as he half laughed, at the horror-struck expression stamped on Kiren's face. "Y-Y-You cannot be serious!" Kiren gasped, his eyes quite wide, having a difficult time deciding whether he should be angry or shocked. "Quite so." Came the firm answer, as a tug on his wrist indicated that they were to go now, and not a moment later. As he allowed himself to be pulled up, a brilliant thought struck Kiren; he'd trick Tryne, then run away! "At least allow me to gather a few belongings and bade my family farewell." He said slowly, hardly stopping the burst of laughter as his wrist was released, and Tryne gave his consent. Not a moment after this occurrence did Kiren make a run for it, disappearing among the crowd-- much to Tryne's surprise....

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Ghazel- The country which Tryne and Kiren are in. It lies in the far west, surrounded by vast forests and plains, on the large continent of Zea. Ghazel is the largest and grandest country, and therefore most travellers like to pass by, isolated as it is, making it quite the place to congregate. There are other smaller countries and towns, but they are all fairly far away. To reach the sea, and consequently leave the continent, is a long journey, hence Kiren's reluctance to join Tryne.

Morphes- A large unknown continent south of Zea, whose terrain and inhabitants are very mysterious. There have been explorers who have attempted to map the continent, but none have returned so far (alive or sane, that is), making its identity unknown as of yet. It is rumored that fierce beasts and unhuman lifeforms rule the continent, however the facts of the matter have yet to be verified. Magical beasts run rampant and the weather conditions are never stable, according to one lucky explorer who had made it back to Zea, though he was not in the most sane of mind at the time. A dangerous place, thus Lord Vallence's voyage there was a large affair.


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