True Love At Hogan Brothers

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on Friday,December 12th at the Hogan Brothers annual Christmas party where a store employee named James Shaloub was able to find the one girl who was about to become his newfound love.

After he had arrived and was about to enjoy the buffet table,someone had accidently bumped into James and caused his favorite tie to get dunked right into the bowl filled with fruit punch and ice.

And then,after he had gotten his tie out of the punch bowl and started to ring some of the punch off of it,the one who had accidently bumped into him had walked up to him and said,"I'm so very sorry about that.If you want me to do so,I'll be glad to buy you a new one."

Then,he had turned towards that one person and was about to give her a piece of his mind,only to discover that she was actually a beautiful redhead named Jessica Hogan,the daughter of one of the Hogan Brothers.

So,after she had gotten him a new tie and they both had looked at each other for about a minute or two,Jim had looked over Jessica's head and discovered that a piece of mistletoe was hanging above her.

And then,after he had let out a smile and placed his hands on her cheeks,both Jim and Jessica had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Then,after the kiss,they both had looked at each other's eyes and smiled at each other,for they had witnessed a sample of the old mistletoe magic by falling in love with each other.

A few minutes later,after they had enjoyed a few minutes of slow dancing to some musical oldies,Jessica had invited Jim to join her at her penthouse apartment for a nightcap.

After he had accepted her invitation and arrived at her apartment building,they both had rode the elevator all the way up to her penthouse.

And then,after they had gotten out of the elevator and walked into the apartment,Jessica had looked at an awestruck Jim and asked,"How do you like it so far?"

And after he had looked at Jessica and let out a smile,Jim had took a deep breath and answered,"So far,I think your place is great."

"Well then,if you think that this is something,just wait until you see the bedroom.",said Jessica,before leading Jim into the room that was next to the living room.

Just then,after they had walked into the bedroom,Jessica had looked at Jim and asked,"Well,Jim.What do you think?Isn't it such a beautiful room?"

"Yes,Jessica.It is.",answered Jim,after he had turned towards Jessica and placed his hands on her cheeks."As a matter of fact,it had became more beautiful,because you just happen to be in it."

And with that,both Jim and Jessica had looked at each other for about a minute or two and gave each other another passionate kiss on the lips.

And then,after they had removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodieson the bed,the two newfound lovers had began to enjoy a moment of pure,untamed erotica.

About a few hours later,after they had enjoyed their moment of sensual pleasure and Jessica had placed her head on Jim's chest,she had taken a deep breath,snuggled up to him and asked,"So,how did you like the tie that I've bought for you?"

After he had looked at Jessica and let out a smile,Jim had placed his gentle hand on her head and answered,"Truth to tell,Jess.I love both the tie and you very,very much."

And after he had kissed her on the head,both Jim and Jessica had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

As for the rest of the Hogan Brothers family,they all were both willing and able to welcome Jim into their family--and a few months later,they had became even more happy,for James Shaloub and Jessica Hogan had gotten married and became Mr. and Mrs. Hogan Brothers--and they both lived happily ever after,for both Jim and Jessica were able to find true love at Hogan Brothers.