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Only the four who had passed the tests were allowed into the room that would combine the gems into a single diamond. Nersa lead the way holding the emerald tightly in his hand. Mobok carried the ruby inside a small pouch at his waist, and treated it as though it were a great burden. The sapphire was turned between the fingers of my right hand carelessly, while Jilen held the topaz with as much care as Nersa. We moved in a straight line, one after the other, because the passage to the room was too narrow to allow any different.

The room itself contradicted the passage. There was room for hundreds of people, had the commandments of the legend allowed it. As it was, the four of us stood in amazement. It was round, with a bronze pedestal in the center. From it, four shallow grooves in the floor pointed to four basin Each basin corresponded in color and in placing which stone was to be placed inside: thus, the emerald belonged in the green basin furthest north.

"Will each of you take your place?" Nersa requested, walking towards the green basin. We followed suit, and each placed our gems in the bowls before us.

I watched as the sapphire appeared to melt, and the bowl tipped over, pouring the bright blue liquid into the groove. When the four liquids met the pedestal and had worked their way up, I heard a deafening crash, and covered my head. Nothing happened, and I looked again. The diamond was hovering above the pedestal.

"Come, Nersa. Your duty awaits." It sounded as four voices instead of one. Nersa obeyed the command, and lifted the diamond away from the pedestal.

"Jilen, Mobok, go to the ship, and tell them to head towards Erinias' castle." Nersa ordered. "Evan and I will meet them there." They did as they were told, and headed out of the room. Nersa grabbed my hand.

"Hold on tight." He said firmly, "And don't forget your promise."


I was not allowed into Erinias' bedroom. Instead, I found myself standing below the window, fuming about the fact that Nersa had refused to so much as look at me from the time we arrived at the castle to the time he entered her room.

I heard Nersa's voice changing in some other language. It was an odd sound, but calming. He continued for what felt like hours. Finally, I heard a woman gasp, and the thud of a body falling on the floor. In fear, I climbed through the window to see Erinias on her knees, holding Nersa in her lap.

"Who are you?" She demanded fearfully. I was sorely tempted to say that I was Nersa's lover, but held my tongue.

"I am his friend. I need to get him out of here." I explained. Erinias held him closer.

"Listen...Erinias..." Nersa gasped. "Let him...go, both of us..." I kneeled down and took his weak form into my arms.

"Will he...?" She asked hopefully, not daring to finish the question.

"Live? I doubt it." I answered, climbing out of the window.

"Take this." Erinais implored, tossing the diamond down to me. I picked it up, and looked it over. "He used it to save me. Perhaps you can do the same?"

"Perhaps." I replied, though I felt pessimistic about the prospect. Nersa had little life in him, and even if he survived long enough for me to get him back on the Windsong and try to save him, I did not know the chant.


I sat on the side of Nersa's bed, holding the diamond. He had a pulse, so he was still alive, but just barely.

/Please, just give me the words. / I beseeched the spirits of the diamond, /How else can I save him? /

The gem started to glow, and a subtle voice spoke from inside the crystal. /Do as we say and he shall live. First, hold us above his heart. / Unable to explain what was going on, I dropped to my knees, and turned myself to where I could hold the diamond above Nersa's heart, and waited for the next command. /Concentrate, find his energy and use our power to strengthen it. Let the words flow out of you to increase his energy. /

At first, my voice was weak, and I only murmured, but when I had found his energy, and began to fortify it, so my voice became stronger as well. "Nersa, you will not die. I love you, so you cannot die. Live, dammit! I need you to live!"

I felt dizzy, but just before I passed out, I could've sworn I heard Nersa's voice utter my name.


I awoke in a bed near a window, so I knew I couldn't be on the Windsong. The room was too large anyhow; I noticed that in the brief glimpse I got when I tried to sit up. My head was still blurred, and I felt a hand push me down.

"You all right, Evan?" I recognized the voice.

"Nersa? Where are we?" I inquired groggily. He chuckled.

"We're in Rocowen, Evan." Nersa answered. "Several of the settlers that you were traveling here with were quite amazed to find you still alive."

"And you?" I asked hopefully.

"As good as ever." I looked at him, and found him smiling at me.

"Nersa, I-" He silenced me with a kiss, and by the time I got him off of me, I couldn't think of what I had intended to say.

"What? I thought you were enjoying it!" Nersa joked.

"So I was." I grinned, and pulled him by the neck into another kiss.


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