The Day of Love

Liarra hopped around on her left foot for a bit, rather like Damion, and put on her finest pair of shoes. They were pointed, just like all the ladies' shoes were. Her mother had made them for her as a gift. Tonight she was visiting Lord Arnold's castle. She and all of her friends were terribly excited, how could they not? Taemi had heard that the Lady of the house dressed in pure gold from head to toe, and was sparkling with diamonds. Jori had just dissmissed the thought, always being the sensible one, but it had been filling Liarra's head for days on end.

Liarra then clasped the pin onto her cloak and swirled around, she felt just like a lady! One with servants and her own personal lady-in-waiting. Liarra's face lit up at the next thought. Maybe, she even had her own silver cup! Liarra dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands. And maybe Damion was there.

About five years ago, when she was ten years old she had made friends with two boys that were the same age as her. Allen, and Damion. She immediately developed a crush on Allen. He had long lashes and golden hair. He was amazing with words. He could read too, sometimes he would read some of his poems to her. They were really close.

But then, before, when they were about eleven, Damion was taken away. It had happened so long ago, that Liarra barely remembered his face any more. There had been a rumor around town that he was a squire. To whom, no one knew, but the chance of his squirdom was very possible.

But no one knew. Other than Damion's family... And Liarra. Allen had told her. They had given him away to be a page because he was a 'well mannered strong looking boy' as Lord Rugenoff had put it. When she had asked Allen if he envied Damion, he just laughed and said he was happy with his books.

Liarra hadn't seen him since the day they'd skated on the pond near her house that winter. Now, she might see him again.


"Jori! Look!" squealed Liarra, her eyes glittering at the sight of the lord's marvelous garden. Jori, on the other hand was too taken in by the scenery to even speak. Taemi was giggling at them, carefully taking note of all events in her brain. To put it simply, Taemi was a gossip.

Out of the trees came Allen. Jori stopped staring at the natural scenery to stare at Liarra's crush.

"Liarra?" asked Allen in his deep, husky voice.

"Yes?" asked Liarra, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

"I need to talk to you, privately." he said looking at the two girls sternly. Taemi grumbled a bit at not being able to hear whatever he had to say, and Jori looked close to tears.

"What is it?" said Liarra eagerly. Allen fumbled around with his hair.

"I'm in love. I need your advice." he said. Liarra was wide eyed. She had to bite her lip to keep from grinning. It was her, she just knew it! "the girl's sweet and funny, and open. And she has the biggest eyes..." Allen drifted away, an image of his lover floating around in his head. "But I don't know if she loves me back-" Allen was cut of by Liarra, who pressed her mouth against his. It was something that Liarra would not usually do, but it had just been an urge, and she had had

barely any time to think it over, so she did it.

Allen's eyes flashed open. Things along the lines of 'oh shit' were running through his head. What could he do? Although polite, Allen was rather blunt. He pushed her away.

"It's not you." he said as he got up and walked away, leaving Liarra just sitting there on the bench. Liarra gave out a little sniffle that turned into a humungous sob. Then the sob went into a fully blown cry. This was her first heart break.




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