Walking down this path,

pain and torment follow me.

Sometimes, I stop and turn

to watch the memories,

like a film without sound,

playing, further down the

road of my life.

Preschool, primary,

secondary and college;

friendship, betrayal, love, and


More often than not,

I see his face.

The face that I loved,

so long ago,

laughing, smiling,

and then...

in agony.

The skidding of the

car on the wet road,

the splintering of the

tree as we hit it

fill my mind every time.

He pulled him out of

the wreck, barely conscious.

Blood, everywhere;

on his face, his clothes,

and dripping onto me

in the rain.

We waited for help;

what seemed like eternity

passed before we

Heard the sirens.

He was lying there, next to me,



I still remember all that blood,

Dripping on the ground,

Staining the once-green grass.

I survived the car crash;

He didn't.

Loneliness is my new best friend,

Guilt a constant companion.

Love, long lost to the evil thing

Called Death.

A reminder...

Nothing lasts forever.

Love doesn't.

Neither does life.

I look down.

The streets are empty;

It is close to midnight.

It is raining.

Just like that day.

I say a prayer;

Hoping that the gods

Will be merciful and

Let me be with my

Love once more.

They found me dead,

On the street,

The next day.