I watched her come, a circle of gold,
Over her fair head, a halo, a strong light,
White wings of pure silver, which unfold,
To blind you during her holy flight.

A face, fit for an angel, for she was one,
She came to me, smiling, from her lips,
Came promises of salvation and a golden dawn,
After the darkness of the eclipse.

I had to pay a little price, for my transgression
To be forgotten, for my soul's salvation,
For my spirit to be spared the sentence,
Of eternal wandering in the halls of repentance.

Offered but not accepted, by fools,
Like myself, who didn't follow the rules,
Only to find themselves caught,
Between hell and a battle that couldn't be fought.

She approached me offering her grace,
In exchange of my mere word,
That, as soon as she heard,
Lifted the mask, displaying her true face.

How could I have been so naïve?
How could I have let myself believe,
I could be forgiven by any being?
I have spent many nights screaming.

Begging for deliverance,
Yet I had crossed the line. Penitence
Was no longer a choice.
And then, like a miracle, a voice!

An angel of heaven, telling me,
I could be saved, and set free,
From this remorse, and guilt,
If I just uttered a few words built
On roots I did not understand,
Until she took my hand,
In her devilish claws,
To give me to Cerberus' jaws,
To torture me until I couldn't see,
Sleep, feel, and only beg to die and be set free.

I would starve for eternity,
Yet never feel the serenity,
Of death. I would never drink,
Yet never come to the brink,
Of darkness eternal.
For me there will be no funeral.

No death, no life, just pain,
I wouldn't feel snow or rain,
The fire hot or ice cold,
The babe young or mountain old.

I would never sleep and never wake,
Feel I would die of exhaustion but never take
The path leading to the world of the dead,
Long for it but never go to bed.

I have sinned, this is my punishment,
Satan comes, every day, to watch my torment,
And he looks at me, and laughs, and teases,
Teaching me humility, doing as he pleases.

Tortured, violated, stained,
They have achieved what they wished,
I give in, I admit, what I had done was wrong,
But now I can only grit my teeth and be strong.

Satan is God's puppet, how else are we,
To be good and love god if we do not see,
What the other option is, the one I chose,
If God doesn't bring out our deadliest foes?

AN: Hmmm.this is very long, confusing, I dunno, I started writing it months
ago and I've only just finished it...I'm not too proud of it but it shows
my ideas... near the end.and the thing I would have to fear if I believed
in God. Please, don't anyone take offense in this, this is just a slight
notion of my belief. I know the flow is bad and the rhyme isn't good, but
face it, mine never is!