A Forbidden Love

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Prologue: A Hard Day At School

Morgan Lee Sheeta(No relation to Krystin in my other story) walked down the hallway. She was going to meet her boyfriend of one year Jeremy. She was very excited, for he had something important to tell her.

As she walked down the hallway, to her locker, she saw Jeremy. He was handsome with long brown hair that was done in a mini mohawk, and the cutest chocolate brown eyes. He was just dreamy. She absently wondered why he was surronded by his friends.

"Hey!" she happily cried, her gray eyes flashing with her joy at seeing her boyfriend. He gave her a tight smile, and awkardly hugged her. "So, what do you want to talk to me about?" she asked, failing to notice the way he was uncomfortably shifting from one foot to the other.

"Morgan," he slowly said, looking anywhere but at her. She had a bad feelign about this whole thing. Jeremy seemed so distant, like he wanted to be anywhere but here, talking to her.

He finally looked her in the eye. "I'm breaking up with you." He finally said, looking relieved that the whole thing was done with.

Morgan gasped, her tan face paling at his words, and at the cold way he had just ended their one year relationship. "But, why?" she managed to get out through the lump in her throat that was constricting her air.

Jeremy's eyes were flickering around the hallway, once desperately looking at everything but her. "I-I just realized that I never liked you like that, Morgan. I mean, you were nice and all, but...I just never loved you. I'm sorry."

Morgan's eyes narrowed, and she glared at him despite the tears swimming in her eyes. Jeremy did not sound all that sad. He looked at her one more time with pity in his blue eyes, and then he turned around and started walking down the hallway, all of his friends close on his heels.

She was just left standing there, feeling incredibly sad, and stupid. She knew that she should have seen the break up coming; Jeremy was always busy and never seemed to have the time to talk to her, not even on the phone.

Despite the fact that it was now obvious that their relationship was crumbling, she still could not help feeling sad. She hiccuped, desperately trying to keep the tears from falling. She knew that she was a strong person, and she despised crying for any reason.

She walked out of the school, and winced when the light hit her puffy eyes.

When her mother died in a car accident two years ago, she had been sad, and crying constantly. Her only comfort was her brother, who had held her, and stayed with her when her father could not.

After she had realized that she had to move on, and could not stay in the past any longer, she had made a promise to herself. She would always try and be strong, and look at the humor in every situation.

That had been working fine, up until now of course. How could you find humor in your boyfriend breaking up with you?

With a small sigh, she opened the door to the small house that she lived in with her brother and father(When he was home).

It was a small white house, that was in bad need of a paint job.The windows were streaked with dust, and the shutters were old and faded. The grass was getting high, and it was in bad need of mowing.

As she walked up the stairs to her room, she faintly make out the sound of Catch 22 playing from her brother's room. She tip toed down the hallway, silently praying that her brother would not hear her. Even though the Ska music was loud, her brother still had exceptionally good hearing.

She was almost at her door, when, CREAK! "Damn!" she whispered when she heard the music being shut off. The door opened, and her brother walked out of his room, silently glaring at her.

"Morgan," she said, sounding disappointed. She hung her head. They always said hi to each other, no matter what. It was their unwritten rule, and the only time they tried to avoid each other was when something was wrong.

"Aaron," she said, trying to make it seem like she had not been trying to avoid him. That was shot to the wind when she saw the serious look in his eyes. He took one look at her, and she could see by his raised eyebrow that he could see her puffy eyes, and the sad look on her face.

"What happened?" he asked, not even trying to beat around the bush. "Aaron, I-I have a lot of homework..." she trailed off, when he glared at her.

"Fine," she sighed, and monotonously began, "Jeremy wanted me to meet him at his locker after school . So I did, and when I got there he broke up with me. He said that he never liked me as more than a friend...and then he just walked off." She had to stop, for once again the need to cry was upon her.

"Morgan, it's okay. Jeremy was obviously unworthy of your life. You're beautiful, and sweet. I know you, you'll find someone worthy of you." She couldn't help smiling, Aaron always knew what to say to cheer her up.

"Thanks Aaron!" she cried, feeling a lot better. She knew that later tonight, she would have trouble sleeping, for all the doubts about what had happened with Jeremy would haunt her. But for now, she would believe in her older brother's words.

"Thanks for being there for me, bro." She said, happily hugging him. "No problem Morgan. I'll always be there."

She smiled at him, and then went up to her room, feeling grateful that her brother was there for her.

End of Chapter: A Brother is Always There

Next Chapter: New Feelings

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