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A Forbidden Love

Chapter Three: A Lost Girl

Morgan continued to stare into space. She felt as if her whole world was collapsing around her, and everything that she had known for so long was different. She no longer knew who she could trust; for Aaron....was so different.

"Morgan!" she gasped, and clutched at her heart. She opened her eyes, and was met with her best friend's piercing green eyes. She shivered under the open scrutiny that she was receiving.

She had met Chloe back in fifth grade when Chloe had transferred to her school. They had instantly hit it off, finding that they had so much in common. Over the years they had their ups and downs, but ultimately they had remained the best of friends. She knew that she could tell Chloe anything, but still...

How do you tell your best friend that you nearly kissed your brother? She could just imagine the look that Chloe would give her, and she was pretty sure that Chloe would leave her all alone. Aside from Chloe and Aaron, she only had a few scattered friends....she wouldn't be able to survive without her...

Morgan blinked away her tears, and lifted her head up once again. "Yes?" she croaked, feeling her face flush at her abnormal behavior.

Chloe sighed and ran her hand distractedly through her short cropped brown hair. "What is up with you? In all my years of knowing you, you have never once day dreamed before. Are you okay, I mean, it looked like you and Aaron were goi-"

Chloe was cut off by the bus stopping in front of Grayville High. She quickly jumped up, and ran down the steps, glad to be away from the claustrophobic bus. She turned around and waited impatiently for Chloe to catch up with her.

Chloe did, and the earlier conversation was forgotten, as the two friends walked into the looming doors.

Throughout the day, Morgan found herself loosing focus, and day dreaming about what had nearly happened with her brother. It seemed that no matter what she did, Aaron was never far away from her mind. She was constantly yelled at by her teachers, and was nearly sent down to the office for not paying attention.

Morgan was also aware of Chloe watching her, obviously curious about her state of mind. She knew that Chloe had a reason to worry, Chloe had never seen her so distracted before, and she knew that it must be worrying her beyond all belief.

Yet, it was not her fault. She had nearly been kissed by her brother! She was so confused, and she had no idea what she should do about the whole situation. Should she tell Chloe, or keep this gigantic secret to herself?

And if she did tell Chloe, what would the consequences be?

Finally it was lunch time, and after a horrible Science class in which she had to work with Jeremy and his new snotty girlfriend, she was more than willing to relax with her best friend.

She walked to the table that she always shared with Chloe, and looked at the Vegan meal that Chloe was eating. Though she tried very hard, she could not hide her disgust at the meal.

Chloe laughed and shook her head, raising her eyebrow at the meal that Morgan was eating. "Is that a hamburger?" she asked, sounding pretty snotty herself.

Morgan laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "I think so,"

Chloe motioned to the celery sticks that she was contently munching on. "At least I know where my food came from, and what it is. That is more than I can say for you."

Morgan laughed, and picked up the brown soggy mess that passed as a hamburger. She hesitated before taking a small bite, which she promptly spat out. Chloe laughed, and once again motioned to the celery stick in her hand.

"Don't bash it, until you try it." Morgan just sighed and shook her head.

Chloe reached across the table, and grabbed Morgan's hand.

"Hey, are you okay?" she asked. "You've been out of it all day, Mor. Did Jeremy say anything to you?"

Morgan looked down at the table, and slowly shook her head. She kept her face down to the table, and mumbled, "Nothing more than usual. I'm okay, Chloe, really."

Chloe simply shook her head, and waited until Morgan reluctantly raised her head. Morgan sighed, and met Chloe's eyes, and was surprised to find genuine worry in them. This only made Morgan feel guilty, because of her Chloe was needlessly worrying.

"Morgan, why can't you tell me what Jeremy said to you? Do you not trust me or something?" Chloe asked her, and Morgan frowned when she heard the hurt in her best friend's voice.

"No...it's not that, Chloe! I do trust you, it's just that today's been a very strange day. I don't know what to do anymore!" she cried, bitterly wiping away the tears that were beginning to cloud her eyes.

Chloe gave Morgan a quick hug, and when she sat down across from Morgan, Chloe weakly smiled. "Than, please, tell me what is bothering you! If it's not Jeremy, than does it have something to do with Aaron?"

Morgan looked down, a blush beginning to stain her cheeks. Chloe laughed, and shook her fist triumphantly, obviously pleased with how astute she was.

"I don't want to talk about it, Chloe." she whispered.

Chloe froze, and fixed her with a sharp stare. Morgan flinched, but held herself in check. She was not going to tell Chloe anything; she needed to figure this out for herself before she could talk about it.

"What?! Why can't you tell me Morgan? I thought that you trusted me!" Chloe cried, this time the hurt more clear in her shrill tone.

"I just don't, God! Can't you please drop it!" Morgan cried, her face rapidly becoming flushed with anger.

Chloe stood up, and cried out, "God, Morgan! I tell you everything! I'm supposed to be your bestfriend, but you can't tell me what his bothering you! What kind of friendship is that?!"

Morgan was now beyond angry. How could Chloe say something like that to her? She had been Chloe's friend for years, and friends were not supposed to hurt each other!

"Chloe, it's just one little secret! I just need to think about it for a little while, and than I will tell you. I promise." Morgan said, trying to make Chloe understand, but she knew that she was failing miserably. She could tell by the way Chloe was refusing to meet her eyes.

"Fine, Morgan. Be that way. When you want to talk, you know where to find me." And before Morgan could say anything, Chloe turned on her heel, and disappeared into the crowd of student's walking around.

Morgan fell onto the bench with a low moan of disappointment. She had no idea what was wrong with her, why was she pushing her best friend away? It wasn't like she wanted to hide anything from Chloe.

But still, for some reason it felt wrong to tell Chloe about what had nearly happened with Aaron. It was wrong, like it was her own private moment, almost akin to a private daydream. Except it wasn't a daydream, it was real.

Morgan sat there just thinking, about anything and everything. She thought about her past experiences, about past fights with Chloe, and moments with Aaron. And throughout her memories, Aaron was always there in the back of her mind. It seemed that no matter what, Aaron was there.

And as she finally wrapped up her thinking, Morgan realized one thing. She needed Aaron.

The bell rang for the last period of the day, but Morgan did not hear.

She was going home to confront Aaron, and figure out was going on between them.

End of chapter: A Lost Girl

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