From New York To Los Angeles

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Have you ever been one of those people who had been longing for something different to happen in your life?If you want to know what I'm talking about,how about we use Dorothy Marvelson as an example,for she was one of those people who have had this longing.

Dorothy was an investment broker on New York's very own Wall Street--and even though she had such a successful career,there actually was one thing that she really wanted to be--a heavy metal rock star.

But there was only one thing keeping her from that dream--Michael Marvelson,one of the founders of the Marvelson Brothers investment corperation and the one person who had insisted that his daughter goes to business college and have a 'real job',for he had claimed to have her best interests at heart.

The only problem with that little theroy of his was that instead of enjoying her work,Dorothy was really being flat-out miserable.

And so,on Saturday,December 13th,Dorothy had realized that she had just about enough of the business world,quit her brokerage job and took a flight from New York to Los Angeles,where she had known that she'll be able to make in the Rock And Roll music industry.

As soon as she had arrived in L.A. and gotten herself setteled in a hotel room,Dorothy had gone to the Capitol Records offices and was about to audition for a back-up singer position in the hottest heavy metal rock band in history--The Fright Shift.

But just as she was about to go into the audition room and give it her very best shot,Dorothy had bumped into the band's lead singer,Brian Wizard--and when they had looked into their eyes,they had noticed something new--the look of true love.

And so,about a year later,after Brain had allowed Dorothy to become a member of the band and they all had made many successful records together,something had happened that had made her father happy for her anyway,for Dorothy Marvelson had gotten married and became Mrs. Brain Wizard--and they both had lived happily ever after.