I'm Nothing:

Five, four, three, two, one
There it's done
You've found me
And yet you can't see

My memories are hollow
Nonexistent and hard to swallow
I hide under my arguments
Resulting in my own confinement

I do not try to find the truth
Rather take the place of a missing tooth
Lost from my growing idiocy
Yet guilty, I do not plea

The facts in front of my face
Just fall into disgrace
For I ignore what I do not believe
And here a lie, I conceive

I don't know if I should be afraid
But my destiny seems to already been made
From this I seek comfort
And I know my value is that of dirt

No one knows what I really mean
Because I can't be seen
Nothing proves that I exist
I fade through like mist

My wounds splash around me like rain
Still I do not feel any sort of pain
Even from the darkness of the night
I see my pure delight

Emotions can not describe me well
Because upon these concepts I do not dwell
You could name my apathy
And still I remain as always nothing